Pipe high vs bong high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by NinjaToker92, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. just holy %$#^! .7g of keif. wtf. imma rep you cuz of that massive hit you took along with the .7g you had stockpiled into that bong! in short, good job! :metal:
  2. I prefer a bong anyday, they get me more stoned and fun to smoke from.

  3. Lets say the water does filter out cannabinoids just for the sake of speaking.

    The amount would be so minuscule it's not even noticeable. I sure as hell feel high in all aspects when smoking out of a bong.
  4. so who brought back this old ass thread? Anyways, I really don't care what does what. Bongs are smoother and get me higher faster. Pipes give you scooby snacks and taste nasty even with a screen. Bongs>pipes.
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    Bongs filter the smoke before it is inhaled, which allows you to take a bigger tokes thats less harsh than a pipe. But If you really want a intense high there's a better choice than smoking with water in a bong. I been smoking with FIZ: Better way of smoking marijuana in bongs and water pipes for a while now. it's amazing. Super clean tokes, no coughing...and it cleans my bong. check out Fiz vs Water to see a comparison. Incredible stuff.
  6. Blunt highs are better
  7. I prefer a bong or something water filtereed but a pipe gets me high with a little more. I like to sesh with both, I pack a bowl into my pipe and along with my bong
  8. I understand that I'm possibly going to get shit from people for commenting on a like 4 year old thread, but I felt the need to weigh in after reading all of this because I feel like people really don't give pipes proper credit. I mean, a pipe is much easier to hide than a bong. A pipe doesn't filter T.H.C. whatsoever, unless you use a screen, which I've rarely done in the like 10 years I've been smoking, even though the amount of T.H.C. filtered in a bong is said to be minuscule. People were writing like pipes make you cough terribly and bongs don't, but the truth is that they can both make you have terrible coughing fits. If water pieces are healthier than dry pieces, it's probably only by a minuscule amount as well, according to what I've read. Someone wrote that bongs taste better, and to me, pipes and bongs don't really taste significantly better or worse than one another. Then there's the dude who wrote that pipes simply don't get him high, that seems absolutely absurd to me. The only real thing I feel like bongs have on pipes is how you can smoke more quicker, if you're not in the mood to drag out your high. As far as what's more fun to use, well, that's really not of importance to me. I don't really find myself having more fun using one or the other. The fun comes from what I put in my pipes, not what pipes I'm using.
  9. With my experience a bong is definitely way better. Gets you super messed up way quicker. Bigger hits bigger highs

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