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pipe + hempwick = so high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I've been really trying to get into the bong thing because the hits are less harsh and maybe better for you since the water is filtering but my high last maybe an hour. Plus I gotta deal with adding and emptying water every time I wanna smoke.

    I just blazed 1.5 bowls in my pipe and I am SO HIGH. It seems like the better option for the all day everyday toker. And call me crazy but I sorta like that burn you get from pipes every once and awhile. :smoke:
  2. A MAPS study on bongs agree's with you. The lower thc content the more i want to use a dry to get the most out of it.Also lets more taste through. Cannabis cup judges use a one hitter/chillum to get the full taste/effect. Bongin that kind bud though.
  3. Yeah man it's crazy because some really seasoned stoners are really into bongs. Everything about pipe smoking is easier, too.
  4. Yea, i like different things about each way of smoking vapes/chilliums etc. Mini bongs are my favorite bongs. Can't beat a one hitter or spoon when your low. Then you have some resin lol
  5. I love my bong, it sits on the back corner of my desk next to my speaker. I have a few glass spoons though for when I'm out of my house. I like the bong hit and high way more

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