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PIPE: Grinded VS. UnGrinded

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Which one is better?

    When grinded doesnt it burn much faster because the flame can spread easily and doesnt surface area increase rate of reaction lol.

    Plus the pipe hole is relatively small but big enough for all the grinded weed to fall in and find its way into my mouth.
  2. Know what's good for not getting shit in your mouth when you smoke?

    A bong.
  3. i pack large bowls of ground weed. i corner the bowl, and it doesn't burn super fast. i can get a lot of rips out of it. i also love how smoothly across it burns.
    as for getting shot, it sucks but whatever. and if you have an old pipe that should probably be cleaned but won't be anytime soon, then you most likely won't get shot in my experience.
  4. Alot of people dont really know how to pack a decent bowl. what i do is I roll a small piece of non grounded and put it in the bowl as a plug. Then I put grinded weed in because it cherries better.
  5. I don't like grinding weed. It burns to fast and you can't put it out between hits very easily so you end up wasting a lot, the same as you would with a joint. I only grind for a vape or joint, but never when smoking a bowl. Nothing like grabbing a nice bud and shoving it in your pipe. Plus a snuggly packed bowl won't accidentally dump out and burn wholes in things the way grinded bud can. You can turn the pipe upside down and it stays put.
  6. Ok thanks but wont grinded burn super fast compared to a nug. I donk know. Maybe grinded looks better but isnt it kinda wasteful if it burns sooo quickly

  7. same here...
  8. yeah dude, you cant smoke out a pipe w/ a screen

  9. was just about to say something about that..

    my friend always bitches when the marijuana gets sucked through the bong, like 'oh that couldve been another hit if it was in a pipe' lol. if it was in a pipe it would be in your mouth. such stoners. lol.
  10. nonono guys, this kid doesnt have a screen, this isnt about bowl size
  11. #12 kronman907, Aug 11, 2011
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    Best answer you can have
  12. god dont grind it! thats the whole reason i dont smoke shake let alone buy it .. burns too fast for me i just shove a bowl in that whatever im using and yeah let the hate begin on what i just wrote
  13. That's the stupidest thing I have ever read. Why do you think these things called "pipe screens" are made? For decoration? For fun? I really want to know what you think they're for.
  14. Whoa.


  15. I usually don't go off like this, but what that guy said is plain ridiculous. This damn t break has got me pretty uptight lately.
  16. I'm on a t-break too.

    Doesn't make me mistreat other blades.
  17. Personally all the weed I smoke is grinded and I mostly smoke from a bowl. I don't use screens either and I can smoke every piece of weed out of my pipe (and I do everytime) without any of it getting in my mouth.

    I pack my bowls pretty tightly, not supertight but tight enough where I can hold a grinded bowl upside down with no issue. These burns excellent for me and I get a nice enjoyable smoke. Really though it's all just personal preference. People talk about how blunts waste weed but that's my favorite way to smoke.
  18. Yeah dude just go to a smoke shop and buy a lot of screens. I always buy a bunch of 55¢ screen packs which are like 10 or so screens. I can do without em but I'd rather not.
  19. I'm hoping that was a typo and they meant w/out a screen. It would be pretty silly to think you couldn't smoke out of a pipe with a screen. I know people who think screens are only for metal pipes, but they make the little glass screens nowadays for glass pipes anyway.

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