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Pipe cleaning

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Usernamtaken, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Hey GC forums i used to always wash my pipe the traditional isoproply alcohol and salt way but i dont have any more of that and i read up about people putting their pipes in the dishwasher, i have a glass pipe and i just wan to know will this mess up my pipe? Like i know it can take heat but im just wodering wouldiy be safe to toss it in there and if i do would i need to take special precautions? I searched for this on forums but they werent specific enough
  2. Or you could avoid risking that, and just buy more supplies.
  3. While your at it, put it in a washing machine with some bricks! But really you might get away with if you can securely find a spot it wont budge from. I wouldn't risk it and iso isn't that expensive.
  4. Ive been smoking for a while out of glass, everyone says iso, hot water and salt, it works but imo its horrible messy and doesnt completely clean it. I just boil my pipes now
  5. Thanks guyss
  6. Iso mixed with warm water and sea salt will do wonders. Once you finish that step and still are not happy with how your bong looks go to the store and buy some "simple green". I swear by this stuff it will make your bong look exactly how it did once you purchased it. But remember, use simple green AFTER iso/warm water/salt. You will not be disappointed.

    Happy toking my niggys

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