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Pipe Cleaning after sesh/before a sesh?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rykung, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Hey all, was wondering if u guys clean your pipes before a sesh, not a through clean but you know just the bowl because theres a lot of res or do u guys just keep the res there?
    I would clean the entire pipe but its just a long process to put in the salt and alcohol.

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    when I used to use a pipe I would always leave a little bit of resin to line the bowl just so I don't have to use a screen. But I just use my bong now and I don't have to clean it b/c of my carbon filter but I clean my bowl every time I'm done with a sesh.
    There's just something about clean glass ^_^

    Who Dat!
    I keep the salt and alcohol next to the dish detergent on the kitchen sink, clean my glass every few days. If you clean it before the resin builds up it takes less than a minute and comes out like new. It helps if your piece has a large opening to pour the salt in.
  4. Id just let the bowl rim resin up and dump out the ash. But a lot of pieces resined up are pretty epic when the inside of the pipe has plenty of resin. You'll light your bud and the flame will ignite the resin inside the piece for a double kick to the dome 👍
  5. I just let my bowl get all resin'ed up i'm lazy lol. It also like adds character to it ya know. A clean bowl is nice, but a bowl caked full of resin has been places and seen things haha.

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