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pipe cases?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hubert, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. i just got a badass pipe, but i dont have any kind of carrying case for it. what do u guys keep ur pipes in? any suggestions?
    its about 3-4 inches long. i'm going to florida and i cant wait to smoke a fat bowl with some friends. thanks.
  2. Try a glasses case. Or what I do with my bong is I wrap it in a scarf and from there it can go anywhere.
  3. put it in a sock....a clean sock
  4. yea a sock or a glasses case is a good idea. thanks
  5. i bought a real nice hemp case, w/ a plush inside, for $5. Its really big and puffy too, you can drop it w/ the bowl inside and it won't break. They have them a head shops.
  6. Bubblewrap!!!
  7. i got a hemp bag like cow of steel's and then convinced my girlfriend to do some custom stich work on it
  8. I have a cordouroy(??) pouch that I got for $5 at a head shop. It is lined with fluffy cotton probably. I'm not worried though b/c my pipe has been ran over by a car twice and its still fine w/no cracks in the glass.
  9. I use the case for my cd player's head unit to hold my pipe and other things. Best I can do.
  10. I got my girl to sew me pouches for both my glass pipes, one of them is even velvet. They have nice little pull strings on the top, they are a lot better than just putting it in your pocket.

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