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Pipe+Bong+Some awesome bubble hash!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by roKa420, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Well, now that I'm back in the flow of mj and all its fine sub partners(ie hash, cheaper bongs and all that jazz) I got ahold of some bubble hash. when it comes, (hopefully soon) it will be about 4 grams total. Im getting it for $55. Pics to come when it gets here. Anywho, back to the glass pieces I was about to post. First is my new pipe, named nova. got it for $20(good small nice hitting piece for those parties) and then my girlfriends new bong. i got it for her for about $50. Enjoy!

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  2. Your bong is beautiful, man. Peace! :smoke:
  3. That's a great bong deal for $50.
  4. damn! wish that bong was mine! LOL hope it gets u ripped
  5. damn nice for 50$ thats a fuckin steal
  6. Oh it does the trick, swimmer lungs help too! :smoke: $50 was a good deal for the bong. Next I'm going to see how much I get a PURE glass bong. That will come soon. Pics as well.
  7. You know the love is real when you buy bong's for presents, Nice shiat my friend :)
  8. yeah i think i have the smaller version of that bong, it's like a the same, smaller hole at the top, has a bowl that's attached to the stem, so it's just a 2 piece...........bought it last year..............i'll try and get a pic up tommorow..............Peace out.............Sid

  9. Don't say that unless you would like getting ripped on. Fag.

  10. Haha...right on....

    You also know it's love when both of you have a lil puff puff ones going for gas and your outta food and herb....

    "pick up a 4th some beer and don't forget the pizza 'n porkrinds"

    Oh yeah...she'd have to love your ass for that to work out

  11. and what all non swimmers are straight??.............."some mothers do have them!!" :rolleyes: ...........Peace out........Sid
  12. \

    Ahh, the stereotypical response I get from young minded children. Don't say shit unless you want me to rip on you. Can you swim 3-4 miles in 2 hours with 30 min cardio workouts in the gym afterwards? Can you swim 500 yards in 5 mins 45 seconds? I thought if any state in the world appriceated swimming it would in Cali. Swimming isnt the only thing I do, bike+quad ride, weight lift and ex-wrestler.
  13. that spoon is AUESOme

    that bong makes me do this :D

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