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Pipe/bong buildin instructions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nickbudeye, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Hey buds i need some designs or blueprints for buildin a pipe or a bong cus the closest smoking device store is in the town ovwer and i dun have a car so email me some suggestions and designs plz and thx
  2. For a soda can pipe-

    Take an empty can and make a small area on the side that's sorta flat. Just make an indent with your thumb. Then take an exacto knife and stab about a half dozen holes through it. Put the weed in the indent with the holes, light up, and smoke through the opening of the can.

    For a bong-

    Take a bottle of water, or liter of soda bottle (Whatever) and cut a hole in the side. Use a hollowed out pen and put it in the hole, towards the bottom. Find a bowl (Or roll a joint and put it in the pen), and attach it up to the pen. Fill with water, light up, and toke away.

    IN THE FUTURE- Use the search button. These questions have been asked before, and given answers. But no worries, you're new. :)
  3. or for a tinnie pipe:

    get tinfoil, wrap it around a pen, take the pen out, then bend like a 1" section at one of the ends to make an elbow. wont work very good, but its better then nothing. i have this one circular little case holder thats perfect for making bowls with my tinnie pipes so whatever.
  4. heres directions on how to make a home made bong... got another one to post too.

    Attached Files:

  5. here's the other one..although this one is a bit more dangerous. still cool.

    Attached Files:

  6. ^^^ dont really understand that bong...

    is it meant to be a "rush" like gravity bongs?
  7. second design looks pretty crazy haha i think i outa try it...

    does home depot have that valve thingi?
  8. that shit is to technical lol.. i'll stick with a joint or my own bong..
  9. Bongsmiths guild

    ^ jump on board guys. ;)

    a word of warning about Noldster's tinnie suggestion... make absolute sure that it is TIN foil you have and not ALUMINUM foil as most seems to be these days. Smokin through aluminium is very very bad for you!!

    blazed bowtie, i really like that super hit bong design there. that must be one hellova hit of that. one word though, the little carb there is a little pointless, too high above the waterline.
  10. Whoa, cool...I'ma gonna have a bong building guild soon
  11. the carb could really be put anywhere you like, never thought about placement of the carb though, thanks digit. i never actually built the first one. for the second one i made one just like the diagram shows. and then i made another one from steel tubing, and i made and aluminum cap instead of a spray paint can top. if only i could work glass. but that bong lets a great rush of air in... although when i made the second one i made it a bit taller.

  12. forgot to mention this, you can get everything you need at any hardware store like home depot or yardbirds. i picked home depot because its closer, and i knew somebody that worked there so it wasnt so awkward asking for all this stuff.
  13. i make my bongs out of a lighter, two different pens, and a watter bottle.

    ok so first step, you hold the lighter on the plastic water bottle until a whole starts to form, and then you jam the hollowed pen into the water bottle until the rubber grip is in the middle of the whole. Bic atlantis works the best for this. Then I take this other pen i have with a metal cap and I turn it upside down, stick it into the pen, and pack some bowls. Oh ya burn a whole for the carb too. AND DONT FUCKING SPILL THE BONG WATER LIKE I DO EVERY TIME!
  14. i just make a g bong they rip like champs get a mike carten put a bowl in the cap but the cap back on put the carton in a bucket of water lite the bowl adn pull up slowly and then take hte cap off and push down fast and all the smoke blows in ur face

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