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pipe bombs...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by justme, May 5, 2002.

  1. They were 5 pipe bombs sent to some people in Nebraska today...

    But, what absolutely fascinated me was the note they found with each pipe bomb...very scary thoughts? or our reality?

    Note left in mailboxes where pipe bombs found
    May 3, 2002 Posted: 6:38 PM EDT (2238 GMT)

    (AP) -- The following is the text of the note found in the mailboxes with the pipe bombs on Friday:

    Mailboxes are exploding! Why, you ask?

    Attention people.

    You do things because you can and want (desire) to

    If the government controls what you want to do, they control what you can do.

    If you are under the impression that death exists, and you fear it, you do anything to avoid it. (This is the same way pain operates. Naturally we strive to avoid negative emotion/pain.)

    You allow yourself to fear death!

    World authorities allowed, and still allow you to fear death!

    In avoiding death you are forced to conform, if you fail to conform, you suffer mentally and physically. (Are world powers utilizing the natural survival instinct in a way that allows them to capitalize on the people?)

    To "live" (avoid death) in this society you are forced to conform/slave away.

    I'm here to help you realize/ understand that you will live no matter what! It is up to you people to open your hearts and minds. There is no such thing as death. The people I've dismissed from this reality are not at all dead.

    Conforming to the boundaries, and restrictions imposed by the government only reduces the substance in your lives. When 1% of the nation controls 99% of the nations total wealth, is it a wonder why there are control problems?

    The United States strives to provide freedom for their people. Do we really have personal freedom? I've lived here for many years, and I see much limitation. Does the definition of freedom include limitation? I've learned about the history of various civilizations in history, and I see more and more limitation. Do you people enjoy this trend of limitation? If not, change it!

    As long as you are uninformed about death you will continue to say "how high", when the government tells you to "jump". As long as the government is uninformed about death they will continue tell you to "jump" Is the government uninformed about death, or are they pretending?

    You have been missing how things are, for very long. I'm obtaining your attention in the only way I can. More info is on its way. More "attention getters' are on the way. If I could, I would change only one person, unfortunately the resources are not accessible. It seems killing a single famous person would get the same media attention as killing numerous un-famous humans. There is less risk of being detained, associated with dismissing certain people.


    Someone Who Cares

    PS. More info. will be delivered to various locations around the country.

    Copyright 2002 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  2. The times we "live" in, eh?

  3. Hiya smokie![​IMG]

    It's getting way too scary in this world. I worry about my son's future...about all our children's futures.
    I worry that everything in the world is so fucking unbelievably disgusting that I am beginning to feel ashamed to be a human being! [​IMG]
    Sorry, I just wish there some realistic way to make this all stop before we all blow ourselves to smithereens...[​IMG]


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. wife and I feel the same way,what about the children that will have to walk behind,and in the midst of this? ....and it sucks to feel this way...helpless

  5. I can't remember where i found it but it was an artical about pipe bombs that exploded in Iowa and Illinois. When people would open their mailbox the bombs would go off.

    I try toi help make the place better to live in, but i don't hurt people to do it. That shits not right.
  6. The Bastard is obviously a coward!!! It's stated in the letter, that the bombs are sent to common folk because the risk of being caught is less.Hopefully the Bomber will be caught soon,But I'm hoping one of the bombs goes off on the workbench of that asshole,THAT would be "Justice"!!! :smoking:

    I also noticed the emphasis on the control of "the 1%"...........maybe the investigators should take a look at Al Gore!! lol :smoking:
  7. This is one of the reasons I am afraid to bring a child into this world! I know I would never want anything terrible to happen to a child of mine, let alone anyone elses' children.

    How could anyone DO such a thing? There are so many crazies in the news these days, everyone's getting nervous about being alone at night or in odd neighborhoods. Hey, even safe places aren't really "safe" anymore, what with violence in schools and sex offenders in the church.

    I agree, this man is a coward, and probably a little nuts. There are other ways you can get out there and get your voice heard, without breaking the law even.
  8. everyday i get more depresses about this world being 16 i see as i get older that the world is not what i thought it was that theres more corruption and under the table deals made by our gov't then i thought possible and when someone wants to clean the gov't up he blows up innocent people

    Makes no sense
  9. Not very bright............the note ,whatever it's stated or implied meaning ,is as pointless as was writing it.................seeing as the design was to destroy the reader (had they all worked) ,they would have killed the message as well.

    and his style implies to me that he is muslim or so schooled

    (the rhetoric)

    .........just a thought.

    A suicide bomber never stops to think of who will continue his struggle once he is dead ,he only knows that it will end his own.
  10. That stupid fucker. It's bullshit bombing people.
  11. To understand the "dark, demented, and twisted," you have to think dark, demented, and twisted..

    Before you go and spit out words of ignorance about this individual, place yourself in his/her shoes.

    Now, say you had a special, certain message/philosophy about life that you would like to share to the world and no one will fuckin' listen to you because of whatever fuckin' reason. The message could actually be a postive idea about life and make people think about shit a little differently, but you'll never get to share it with anyone of importance. What better way to get it through the thick skulls of the American people, then through American press?

    Now, how would you go about getting press?

    There are many ways to get press, but if any of you fuckers watch the news or read the paper, the only thing that gets press (Good press, anyhow) is negative events.

    So, now you have some options.. You can create some negative press, and get caught for doing something illegal and go to jail. Or.. You can create havoc and mischief to create some press secretly, not get caught, and get your message out across the nation.

    Now, I'm not saying that I agree with this person's way of going about getting his message out, but I must say it is a pretty good idea.

    I've seen other methods which were a little less dangerous, but this method works pretty damn well.

    I don't know.. I just think in an abstract way.
    *Note to readers* I don't condone pipe bombing people's mailboxes, I just thought that the overall task that this person went to was pretty creative and smart. I do, of course, condone getting the truth out to the "blind" people of America. There is a lot of corruption and greed that goes down behind the walls of our government.

    What can you do about it?!?

    My two cents.. Whatever.
    One love - kn0d
  12. The end justisfies the means. American ?

    Obviously his dad wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree either...................

    "Cameron Helder said his son doesn't like the way the U.S. government is being run and is "just trying to make a statement" by planting pipe bombs in mailboxes.

    "I think Luke wants people to listen to his ideas," Cameron Helder said. "Not enough people are hearing him, and he thinks this will help."

    He also asked reporters to give his family privacy. "Let us try to cope with this," he said, before turning and walking back into his home.

    >>Oh ,I was just trying to make a statement................when I killed every one in the the school..............on the planet.<<

    Now 'my' opinion is the only one that counts.

    How short sighted and typically American is that ?

    I wouldn't have paid attention to his message had he detonated a global thermonuclear device.................or simply farted loudly.

    Well at least 'now' there will be plenty of folks who want to hear his ideas .Shrinks and cops. Good for him :)
  13. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...BUT, we all live in a very fucked up world...and this reminds me and hubby of the 60's. The need to try to get to the masses...
    Don't hate me because I think....I don't believe in hurting anyone...but, this is what happens when we get a president none of us voted for...when thousands of innocent people die...when everything you work your ass off is taken away from you.
    Tell me, have any of you lost everything, because of what you believe in? I have. If you don't agree with the get fucked over BIG TIME!!!!

    Peace (if you really understand it?),
  14. It's us All-American, clean-cut, white, quiet next door neighbor, last one in the world I thought would do something like that-types that you have to keep an eye out for.

    How many times does the media have to push people in front of the camera and each time they tell us that. I just hope I never see my neighbors and co-workers on TV talking about me the same way.

  15. Well said man i feel the same way as you do, there is some fucked up people in the world and we could do with out them.


  16. I know what you mean, in a democracy if your the minority then you get fucked cause no one cares about you cause your small, it sucks but it seems to be the best gov't to date
  17. need i say more???

  18. Don't we all man...

  19. i think this guy is very smart, but he is shallow and is using his intelligence for wrong instead of right. Many times, radical anti-government people have tunnel vision and find it hard to see the "big picture" as it is best put. In his mind, what he was doing was right. He was incredibly selfish, his own radical and unrealistic views cost people their lives and destroyed his ultimate goal of equality. People need to understand the government ISNT THAT BAD, other countries pale in comparison to it. Maybe its time we understand and voice our opinions about whats wrong with the government, but at the same time learn to accept the government and embrace it. Nothing is perfect, make the best out of what you have. Don't take life so seriously and learn how you can better your goverment and society instead of standing agianst it and having all your voice drowned in the constant wave of the governments authority.

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