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  1. Aren't you embarrassed to admit you believe that?
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    Do you live in the United States? I’m just curious?

    By the way. You never answered this?
    Which white mans evil?”


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  3. The fact that conservatives typically vote against initiatives and legislature that protects the environment, and are usually anti-science. At the very least, they typically favor industry over environmental conservation.
  4. Ignorance and hatred of white peoples knows no bounds. Yourself and a few other American hating leftists make the biggest majority of the hate posts in these forums. It’s a minuscule forum on a website devoted to marijuana that’s obviously left leaning. Most of the rest of normal people understand it. The children and unemployed that make up your peer group may grow up and see the world without blinders.
    Every so often I make the mistake of wandering into the political section here and quickly realize I’m dealing with children and people who don’t work for a living or even live in this country.
    Going to ignore this area again and stick to the reason I visit here. Growing.
    Try not to cry or slit your wrists in 2020. Maybe a couple of you will even grow up and get jobs by then. Unemployment IS at an all time low thanks to the current administration.
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  5. That is typically what lefties say. The right rejects stupid environmental laws...like the ones in CA that prohibit clearing of downed trees that add to the devastation caused by fires. Do you know what President created the EPA?
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  6. No, it's pretty much all regulation that protects the environment. If it gets it in the way of business or industry, it's gone under the R's that are running things now. No, I don't know or care what president created the EPA. I'm not saying it's always been this way, but it has been since the 90's and it certainly is now. There's plenty of voting records and literature that supports my point that I won't bother digging up because you won't read it. You're one of those few people on this board that's too far right to have an intelligent engagement with, so have a nice life.
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  8. I dont know the answer but I do know you are more likely to die from a bee sting than a terrorist.
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  9. I don't see terrorism that way. I'm not afraid of any kind of terrorist. I know the odds of me dying in a terrorist attack are about the same as winning the lottery. They don't make me afraid, they piss me off. They need M80s up their asses.
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  10. It reminds me of the phone they took away from me. The note 8 I think it was called. Some caught on fire.... I looked it up and it was like 1 out of 32000 over heated with 2 out of hundreds of thousands that actually caught fire. Me being me I did the math and you are 2x as likely to get hit by a bolt of lightning in a thunderstorm than to have your note catch fire. So I kept mine until they literally took it away. People called me stupid for keeping it, so I asked if they felt stupid risking getting hit by lightning in a thunderstorm..... of course people looked at me like I was crazy.... maybe I am idk. Pmost people are pussies i do know that

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    No. Are you ashamed that you buy into the laughable, but ultimately tragic, proven lie?
  12. Hate posts? An opinion that differs from yours is now a hate post? I missed that memo.

  13. Yet these "Terrorist Enemies" should be obliterated?

  14. I don't know, because we are a nation of white racist? lol jk.
    Because war unites a country, because of resources like rare earths, oil and opium, because of the petrodollar, because war is profitable, because people are patriotic, because taxes, because democracy, because government period. Because war is the health of the state. And because we vote these retards in and thinking people like McCain and all soldiers are by default heros. Because the right believes all muslims are a likely threat and the left thinks the same about russia. Because of collectivism and the consolidation of power. should I go on?
  15. Dammit, you were doing so well........
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  16. Define "Terrorism" Ed.
  17. frabz-double-facepalm-when-a-single-facepalm-just-isnt-enough-17d71c.jpg
  18. You don't need to be so embarrassed you hide your face, lots of people think 9/11 was an inside job. Saying it in public is a mistake if you want to be taken seriously.
  19. ter·ror·ism
    noun: terrorism
    1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
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  20. Seriously? So you follow the "Enquiry"? Not under oath or fuck all, behind closed-doors, and the Mighty BBC reporting WTC 7 as down, 20 mins before, whilst clearly still in shot? `K Ed, I`m the crazy one eh?

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