Pinnacle Pro, MFLB or PAX

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  1. Hey Vapers,

    I finally have so extra cash laying around.

    I've been looking for a vaporizer that: -Does not produce a lot smell
    -Produces good vapor
    -Easy to carry around / portability
    -Can vape herbs, wax or liquid (I really only need a vaporizer that can vape herbs good but being able to have those other options are nice)

    I've narrowed it down to the PAX, MLFB, and Pinnacle Pro. What are your guy's opinions on these, I'm also open to other suggestions. Money is not an issue I just don't want to spend over $300 because I'm also saving for other expenses.

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  2. Well if it not producing a lot of smell is a priority, I'd cross off the Pax now. Its produces one of the stronger smells for a vape (still less then smoking obviously though)
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    I'll try to break it down by each category that is important to you. 
    Discreet/Smell/Portability- All 3 Vapes you mentioned are quite discreet in terms of portability. Keep in mind that the MFLB requires AA NiPH batteries so if you are going out with it, plan on bringing a couple batteries with you. The PP and Pax are a little more portable in my opinion because all they require is the unit itself. In terms of smell, the Pax is one of the smelliest vapes on the market. It uses a conduction heat system so your bud is consatnly cooking in the oven.. the Pax also requires more maitenence than the other two and if you don't keep up with that, it will smell even more. The MFLB is the least smelliest among the 3, by far. 
    Good Vapor- The MFLB's vapor really depends on the user, since you push in a battery to engage the heat system. If you push the battery in too long, your load will combust, if you push in too little, you may not produce enough vapor for a satisfactory hit. The vapor quality will depend on your technique, after a while, you'll get the hang of it and be able to adjust accordingly. The Pax has 3 different heat settings which allows the user to fluctuate between what kind of vapor they want. At the highest heat setting, the clouds are pretty thick, 410*F is the highest setting on the Pax, which is getting close to combustion. It will have decent clouds, but the sesh won't last as long as the MFLB, as it is using the conduction syle of heat, constantly cooking your load. The PP imo gives off some ideal clouds. It has 5 heat settings so you get to play around with it for a while and see what suits you best. 
    As far as concentrates go, you can use them in either the MFLB or PP. I think it would be best on a higher temp, so maybe the PP would be best for that. You can use concentrates in the MFLB as well, just sandwich your wax or whatever in between a couple layers of herb and you should be good. Ploom does not recommend concentrates to be used with the Pax. 
    Hope I helped a little bit. Good luck making your decision. 
    PCE and Happy vaping!  :bongin:
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    Since discreet is first on your list..have to go with MFLB.
    PnP and pax both will dank up a room to high heaven because they both are steadily vaporizing the weed..MFLB you can take a hit, wait a couple minutes and take another one without it vaping up the weed in between hits. MFLB can definitely have a smell to it, but small hits don't even smell's those clouds that cause the stank.
    If getting really big hits out of a portable vaporizer was first on your list, then yes pnp or pax. Pnp is better than pax in my book because you can hit it through a bong or bubbler, which is my favorite thing to do.
    The misinformation that runs rampant here at GC really needs to stop.   The MFLB does NOT use lithium batteries.  
  6. My bad I always forget what kind of batteries they are exactly. 
    LSD batteries are ran with the MFLB
    They can be LSD but they don't have to be.   The MFLB runs on NiMH AA rechargeables.
  8. Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. 
    Thanks for the clarity. 
  9. Go with the MFLB. It produces great vapor once you get to learn how to use it and is stupidly discreet. The batteries are replaceable, so you can buy more for extended sessions on the go. It also comes with a really good lifetime warranty. I recommend it.

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