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  1. Okay so I get pretty crazy with the homemades so I thought I would share my ideas or ideas that I got from others, but decided to make.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    1. This is a smart water bottle with a choke this can be replaced if it breaks. Or if I improve it I can use it. Or if I want interchangeable bong parts.. lol build a bong

    2. This is a two caps stuck together that has a hole in the middle of it.

    3. This is the bottom part that I dont want to make another part of. The top is the main interchangeable part. This is just one of those new globe coca cola bottles witha onie in it and a cap over it to make it look good.

    This is my next design I finished making the perc. I am making big holes in all the pieces to create less drag. I was high when I tried to make this the first time, and didn't realize that the hot glue gun would melt the smart water bottles... Off to the store I guess..
  2. Your designs=sex
  3. The second one looks pretty good but the water levels are way off.
  4. I like the design. I sketch mine up similar to yours.
    However, i don't recommend using Hot glue to make the seals. Once water is present they tend to lose their sealing abilities very quickly.

    Anyways i tried to make a decend showerhead bubbler last night. Check it out.
    [ame=]YouTube - 101003-213023.wmv[/ame]

    Worked out really well, smoother hits than i had even thought possible :smoke:
  5. Coming up with designs is the easy part.getting them water/air tight is what pisses me off
  6. Ahh thanks for the supplies, and yes I know hot glue doesn't work well I had to replace that middle piece on the first one plenty of times. I am investing in rubber cement or something of that nature. Nice shower head lol..

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