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Pink weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ewaxler, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Well I was talking to a friend of mine and he said he once smoked pink weed in which the smoke smelled like cotton candy. Has anyone ever smoked this or heard of it before?
  2. Pictures or it didn't happen.
  3. Cotton Candy? YUMMMMMM!
  4. He's lieing
  5. i had weed once that had pinkish/redish hairs thats the closets i have ever seen to what you described
  6. I've smoked 'Purple Cotton Candy' it was purple and delicious, but it was not pink.
  7. Yeah, if it had pinkish hairs then yeah, I will believe it. Smoked something like that before. Sooo gooodddd!!!!!!

    Purple, yes. Pink, no.
  8. Yeah I've heard about this stuff but never seen it. A friend of mine was trying to push it. Apparantly a hybrid between white rhino and purple kush. We decided to call it pink elephant, that somehow became homosexual elephant, which then became alternative lifestyle rhino.
  9. One of my friends who I pickup from sometimes said he was going to get some pink bud in a while, but a lot of law enforcement troubles went down, and he is no longer distributing marijuana, that's what I think anyway, he still smokes a lot every day though, so he has to be getting money or weed from somewhere.
  10. my buddy's got a bunch of cotton candy right now,
    its real shit, but its not pink, thats just your cheeseball buddy spilling his pepto-bismal everywhere haha

  11. that's some good lulz :hello:
  12. maybe it was just some straight up strong cotton candy
    shit gets you high
  13. pinkish red weed is possible, but your friend does sound like a bullshitter.
  14. I saw a pink plant when looking through a list of strains before.

    Shit looked like blueberry does, but that rich pink instead of bluish purple. The cotton candy part might have been BS though.
  15. I fucking love you
  16. Bubblegum kush
  17. ive had bubblegum bud with pink pistils and very whitish pink/purple looking buds...its just color. the asians in the towns next to mine get all types of bud and i just happened to get some crazy looking one will believe you tho.
  18. ive had pink weed got an oz from my buddy is daytona for 425 was like kush with little nodulues and covered in crystals...comepletely pink with white crystals
  19. I smoked cotton candy bud before but it was pretty green and purplish. not pink

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