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What is your prefered method of growing?

  1. Indoor Hydro.

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  2. Indoor Soil.

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  3. Indoor Aero.

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  4. Outdoors/or just In your lungs. :-)

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  1. Okay, to no avail with my various other posts, I had to do something bout my yellowing twisting and yellowed, dead cotyledons...I sliced them off with a bleached razor... They were only getting worse, they were crumbling at the touch... This only effected the cotyledons and the 2 sets above them... but they are gone, and I am stuck with about 4 sets of leaves, but they look healthy...hopefully they will stay that way, I have come to the conclusion that I have an aphid prob. even though there is no evidence of them eating the plant, or sucking anything out of it, perhaps at the roots where I cannot see them? but they stay in the soil... I am still at a loss, all I know is the leaves were curling under, and yellowing... go figure. Now, I have a few questions pertaining to this plant and a few for my others, as well as some pictures to aid responses...they will go on a seperate post, as I didnt realize my bat. was low in my cam. and they all erased, so I will have to take them later, have a busy day to the Q's:

    It was reccomended to me to transplant my long stemmed plant up to the sotyledons, which i did, so that the stem would root, which it doesnt appear to be doing... therefore supporting the plant that much more... Now, would doing this (rooting the stem) cause the plant to use the energy cosumed to focus on rotting the stem; hence cause "energy shifting" -for lack of a better term- to and from various othera areas of the plant? i.e. from lower leaves to roots hence the yellowing and curling of the perhaps depleted of energy/nutrients lower leaves...hopefully this made sense.

    also, pertaining to rooting the stem....WHy? is it really that neccesary? My stem was strong, and if it is only at the base of the plant (below the cotyledons) that is enlongated, with short spaced leaf sets, will it really matter that the stem was a bit enlongated? Would you reccommend rooting stems? how ong does it take for a stem to root?

    I suppose I should ask, if the aboved suggestion seems plausible, how is this fixed, if at all able to be done. although, It does not seem to be rooting, (i have scraped back SOME soil just to see if it was, and it looks like its not, but perhaps its trying to?)

    Would PH variations cause my leavs to curl, I have looked at deficiency. charts but these did not list the correct symptoms...

    Perhaps it light? although the top leaves are unaffected. I have one cw 20 w flourescent and one 20 w agro mix... I know its funny...Im broke. so bear with me. should I replace the agro with another cool white, or a warm white? just for now...

    that is all i have time to ask right now, I will be back later with pictures, I have this funky deformed plant with a leaf set coming out at the cotyledon node, weird mon....

    Oh hell... I have two plants in a coffe can (in later pictures) one is about 7 1/2 inches, the shorty is about 4-5... what is reccomended for these, you think its still possible to save them by transplanting, the roots are probably everywhere, should I snip one and root it elsewhere? what would you suggest, wait for pictures if need be...

    Ave atque vale...

  2. Am I unwanted? Perhaps Ive gone invisible? aw, who knows... If you need more info, please let me know what else, but id really apprecaite any help taht is provid-able...anything, other than a link to overgrow that is... Im working on the camera for the pics...


    Ave atque Vale
  3. Yes, Well thank you for the response at least ...I apreciate it..

    I think Im gonna have to go hydro myself...looks like fun, and less of a headache, at least in unwanted area...


    Ave atque Vale,
  4. i think its just your lighting system,,, man

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