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    Based off a taste test, which I know is not the best way to test, that these are the legit pink stars. When I licked it it tasted very bitter like the first time I took these beautiful creations. Gonna be a good weekend. Paid $35 for them, not bad considering what I have paid. These have red/dark pink specs in them so I'm pretty sure they're the legit ones. :hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. I wanted to know what I should do with these. Me and my friend were thinking of snorting one and then dropping one. Or should we just drop both of them? I wouldn't snort both of them.
  3. i would jus pop em both dude and roll balls for mad long

    or depending on what your doing i would take one then wait a lil and take another 1
  4. Crush one up and snort some of it. If it burns then just eat the powder. Me and my friend got 2 rolls royce's about 2 weeks ago and did this. We tried to snort em but it burnt so bad so we just ate the rest. That was a great day tho. We ended up smoking like 5 blunts while rolling balls. I love that feeling you get.

    The only x ive ever got that I could blow were the white serious dogs. Best roll I've ever had too.
  5. Goin to 2 parties. First starts around 8, gettin picked up around 7:30 and then leaving there and going to another party around 9 till whenever. I'm not gonna be eating anything after 5:30 to ensure my roll is hard. There will be alcohol and weed at both parties.
  6. lol have fun stars are the fucking best imo...i wanna get me some real soon but idk if my guy still gets them...personally i would just pop em both and not blow either of em
  7. if it were me, and i wanted to ensure my roll is hard, i would EAT both, at different times, i personally like to look at the clock and wait 30mins before dropping the 2nd roll. but thats just me, and i roll balls :D

    eating > snorting rolls IMO, every time. even with molly.
  8. ^ That's what I'm leaning towards, gonna chew them up real good tho and chase them with a soda or something to get the taste out of my mouth.
  9. Are you saying to eat one roll, then wait 30 min. after you ate that roll and then take the 2nd? I'm asking you guys because I wanna be rolling the whole night, I don't want it to die in the middle of the night.

  10. haha ya that shit would suck..well definetly dont blow it in that case cuz that will hit u hard but not be long lasting....idk wait like a hour after your first one...dont wanna wiait too long cuz then ur serotnin levels mite be too low for another roll...typically when i take pink stars they last me like 4-5 hours
  11. Alright. I remember it lasted me about 3 hours or so last time, so I've decided to just take both of them at 7:30 and drink when I'm coming down.

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