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  1. So i've been lurking a bit and reading up but hydro is not my cup of tea... So my buddy has been running an ebb and flow with the advanced ph perfect 2 part. The veg side is running fine without issue. The flower side has been up for 3.5 weeks and is now starting to get pink slime in the res. Ph has been stable also using RO water. Any ideas? Or suggestions.

  2. check the roots, are they bright white? slimmy?
  3. I asked him to check, but he's in coco and smart pots. There are roots coming through the sides but just tips. Hopefully have more info soon. He was advised to bleach the resevior and start fresh. That doesn't find out why and how to prevent it.

    Thanks, pj

  5. He was advised to bleach the resevior and start fresh.That sounds way too severe a response at this time. I've had the slime, treated it, plants recovered and had a very good yeild.
  6. What is his rez temp? Is he using anything other than the nutes in his soup? 3.5 weeks into flowering, aborting now is crazzzzy!
  7. Sorry not start over, but pull the res clean with bleach and refill with nuits.
  8. Res has been pretty stable about 70. Just hygrozyme and the ph perfect. Heat and humidity has spiked in the basement in the past week. Been really hot and humid here.
  9. What is nbsp?
  10. dont know what the nbsp is, something the server put there. A complete system cleaning will put the plants through a lot of stress, dont know if I would do that until a very last resort (especially half way through flowering). Is the slime only in the rez. I would really want to get a good look at the roots. I cured my slime with peroxide, 1 qt. per 5 gal of pure water, soaked the roots in it for an hour, wiped down every thing and fresh nutes, but that was during veg, plenty of time to recover. I beleive rez temps were my culprit, rez in basement, temps in mid 70's. I bought a chiller & keep rez at 65, never had the slime again. I also use great white powder which is bennies for the roots, wont grow without it. If the roots aren't covered in the slime I wouldnt do a system clean. If ph is stable you probably dont have root rot, try skimming off the slime in the rez and see if it returns in 24 hrs.Good luck
  11. Thanks man, i'll give him that peroxide tip. Sounds much less stressful.
  12. Thanks Bud Daddy, he flushed em with peroxide he also cleaned the res and replaced nutes. So far so good the girls are showing no signs of stress, says they're looking great. Fingers crossed!!! Not the ideal time to stress the ladies.

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