Pink Slime! (in Your belly! :-( )

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  1. PINK SLIMEIS PEOPLE!!!!! Love that Soylant Pink, YUMMY YUM YUM
  2. I like how people are upset about buying from the lowest bidder when it comes to their food... but don't seem to give a hoot that literally every other thing in your life was made the same way. Your clothes, your car, the buildings you live and work in...

    This is the ultimate product of capitalism (which is in most of the countries we blades live in) so you really shouldn't be surprised.
  3. I'm sorry but that article is sensationalist garbage.

    What they fail to say is the FACT is Ammonium Hydroxide is naturally found in beef, other proteins, and virtually all foods!

    It's also used in baked goods, cheeses, chocolates, caramels, jello and pudding.

    I'm not saying any one should go eat a big spoonful or anything. But like so many things nowadays it's being blown waaay out of proportion.

    I mean just look at all the disinformation the media spreads about weed! You think it's any different?
  4. I fucking love processed foods :rolleyes:
  5. I love real food as much as the next guy and would in most cases rather have the real shit over the fake, processed stuff but there are a few things for whatever reason I like the fake versions of better. Give me margarine over real butter any day. I also don't like fresh tuna much but I can eat the stuff out of the can anytime. I also like most fast food burgers but if I'm not eating home cooked burgers then my first choice fast food wise is McDonald's.

    But when it comes down to it I like most all foods and can eat just about anything.
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    Here's the process that creates Pink Slime

    Pink slime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    And here's a site discussing the ammonia used in processing food, and to let people know it is NOT the same ammonia that is found in kitchen sinks.

    Myth: Ordinary Household Ammonia is Used to Make Some Hamburgers | Meat MythCrushers
    I'm not down with the filler meat because its made from nasty shit. I don't eat hot dogs or similar processed food because I don't want to eat all that nasty shit. I no longer eat ground beef now that I know about this slime. If I eat a hot dog its guaranteed that for the rest of the day I'm going to be burping up that hot dog, smelly burps, smelly hot dog burps, and you don't wanna be on the receiving end of that shit, trust me. So for the better of Mankind I stay away from hotdogs, because it only happens when I eat them. My system tells me every time not to eat that shit :laughing:.

    Anyway, I don't want that shit in my ground beef. I'm about to go Butcher hunting and ask em if they use beef with this shit in it, and if they do I'm out.
  7. damn...i'm pretty sure that corned beef hash is just pink slime and potatos now that i think about
  8. I always loved the weird pink color sodium nitrate gives lunch meats :laughing:

  9. Thats not true. My dads been telling me hotdogs are made of all the left over animal parts for years. The feet, the beaks, bones, anything thats left over.

    You cant say "no one knew" because Im sure plenty of people did. If not my dads a profet.
  10. Well, "I" personally think it's about moderation. Even though I don't eat at fast food places (vegetarian), I still smoke cigarettes and eat things that aren't considered "very good" for me, I just don't do it all the fucking time like some people.
  11. In afew more yearswe will all be fighting over who gets to eat this pink slime
  12. PUT IT ON MY FACEEEEEE!! uhhhhhhh!!
  13. What really gets me is as people are sitting at McD's worried about pink slime in their burger, they are still happily and blindly sipping away at their soda pop. Which is little more than water, sugar and chemicals. But that's A OK.

    Oh first world problems...
  14. "I don't care what's in my food... as long as you don't tell me its something bad."
  15. Well he certainly aint a English Teacher :smoking:

    Its pink slime bro... you decide if its bad or not

  16. the news needs to scare people once in a while. pink slime is just the new monster.
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    Omg dude, everyone knows hot dogs are made out of shit but this isnt about hot dogs, its about pink slime used as a filler in ground beef AND this is new news! Good lord try to keep up
  18. Weather the news sensationalise it and even if there are other things we consume that are pretty rank, this thread is about pink slime, not soft drinks, not vegatarianism, not the media, it is simply about pink slime and how rank it is.

    So, either contribute and say, yes its rank or no its not rank Oooooooor.... go off topic with some smug remark then inhale your own fart gas through your nose. Whichever makes you feel best :bongin: :bolt:
  19. it's good to be a vegan, sometimes.
  20. Fuck fast food, it makes me sad. For real. McDonalds with that fucking rapist clown making it seem all happy and cheerful. Great place to take your kids right? Gotta get your cancers from somewhere.

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