Pink Slime! (in Your belly! :-( )

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  1. mmmm chicken nuggets!

    did they just do some news story on this again? I keep hearing about it.
  2. You dont have to eat it....
  3. It shouldnt even be an option.

  4. Neither should baby lamb but its still good as fuck.
  5. 1/ Kill lamb, cook lamb, eat lamb...

    2/ Take lamb carcas that has been eaten, jet wash all the bits still stuck to the bones off, mop them up off the floor, boil up the remains and filter off any sludge, mix it in with the bits off the floor then mix in some amonium hydroxide, blend... sell to taco bell and mcdonnalds.

    Now I dunno about you but I dont know what the fuck your talking about!...

  6. I do. You dont have to eat it if you dont agree. Regardless you thinking eating baby lamb is fine, there are those tha think its incredibly cruel and torturous to the baby animal. So just because you think the left over parts are gross doesnt mean others do. So what are you talking about? Useing the whole animal?? The Native Americans would be proud.
  7. Actually I read somewhere the other day when the whole "pink slim" thing came up that most fast food places refuse to use it because they don't want to be associated with the bad press. McDonalds and Taco Bell quit using it last year I know.

  8. ??? Really man?

    All those chemicals they have to put in it just to make it edible should point out how bad it is for you. Who cares where the meat comes from, that's not even half the problem.

    And I guarantee if Chief Sitting Bull was still alive he'd shoot an arrow through your throat for saying the "Native Americans would be proud" of a fast food chain that took over America and slaughters animals for monetary profit and is a byproduct of a people that came over and massacred them for the land/resources in which to do it.
  9. Fuck eating that nasty shit.
  10. It's more than just the fact it's left over parts and I doubt Native Americans would be proud lmfao.

    edit: I read yesterday every 'pink slime' factory was closed except one.
  11. 3/4 of its plants closed down
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    Actually, before this story broke no one knew about Pink Slime that was in over 70% of all US ground beef. It wasn't labeled on any package. The meat manufacturers used it as a filler, kinda like cutting coke with baking powder.

    So until now, no one knew they were eating it nor could they find out how to avoid it.

    Oh yeah, school children all over the USA have been chowing down on it for years without anyone knowing but don't worry, the Pink Slime was cleaned with ammonia :rolleyes: mmmm yum
  13. Our local supermarket butchers and distributors just admitted they have been using pink slime for years.. so you may think you don't have to eat it, but it's very possible that it is in the ground beef at your local supermarket, and much of the solid meat is sprayed and dipped in ammonium hydroxide to keep the surface 'pretty'. Even at some rural and small butcher shops.

    My Aussie buddies have food send over 10,000 miles from home when they visit the US, I do myself when I can afford to.. meat included. That's how the rest of the world sees the US. :p

    Their McDonalds, besides being cheap enough to buy two 'value' meals for the cost of a single hour at minimum wage, serve more natural foods, than most US grocery stores.
  14. i think the pink slime people teamed up with the toilet paper people. the more pink slime in the shitty food we eat = more shit splatters that make us have to use more toilet paper... think about it..
  15. Let me ponder that thought
  16. Pink Slim before being ground up by the milling die

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