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  1. A friend once told me that there are some people whom collect pink lighters because they are supposed to be "rarer" than other colors. I personally believe that this is a load of bullshit because if you wanted to order 100,000 pink lighters from bic i bet they'd next day 'em.

    that being said, I got a pink cricket today. Does this count?
  2. i just grab one
  3. Idk if there rare. I think they are just a color people dont usually buy, so stores dont order em.
  4. I've seen pink crickets but I've never seen a pink bic.
  5. Pink lighters are good luck. Thats why I use them
  6. see, maybe there is a reason to keep an eye out?

    Like white lighters are "bad" luck?
  7. exactly
  8. I've seen them around, but I always go for the dark purple ones.
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    I've actually thought it about it the other day, and I find they are rarer. I haven't seen a pink bic since just about 2 weeks ago. I made my buddy give it to me though :p

    But then it died and I found 2 more but haven't since then.

    The reasoning I think is that they do not come on those big tray of different kind of bic's, which is what the stores just order

    But yeah my one is almost dead but I got another :p

    Note: The best way to get them is to go where they sell the two bics in the packets of 2, not in convience stores where they just buy the big tray of all types of bics (designed, ones with cases etc)
  10. i like the ones with designs on them, but those peel off sometimes, exposing the white underneath. does that count as bad luck?
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    I'll take a picture of mine, I'll edit this post in five ;)

    Iight, I didn't even know I had these many but you can never have enough lighters... And to think I only smoke weed :eek:


    Also the pink bics aren't sold in singles, they come in packages with other large bics. Probably why many people don't see 'em, they're usually at Wal-Mart.

  12. I thought of that the other day!!!

    I demand the answer!!!
  13. It think it does qualify as bad luck. that is my understanding
  14. nice selection my friend
  15. Dude I love my pink lighter!!!

    I'll take a pick when I go out to my car in a bit.

    Oh and yes they are rare! I've been looking for one to replace the one I have now and I have yet to find one!
  16. dude...the only use for a pink a lighter is so that shit doesnt get swooped on during a smoke sesh...cuz i mean seriously what kinda guy is gonna jack a pink lighter?
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  18. Pink lighters are mostly sold in packs
  19. haters... my ass rocks a pink lighter. I make that shit look pimp

  20. ya'll some triflin ass blades.

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