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Pink haired buds, very tasty looking (pictures inside)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by sambo5472, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. So here's the deal, one off my plants started turning pink :) . It began about a week ago and all the hairs are beginning to look quite pink by now. Unfortunatly i have no idea what strain it is. I got these seeds from a friend and they turned out 3 totally different plants.
    Anyhow i am hoping that this pink lady will deliver some extraordinarely sweet weed :D I personally have never seen a plant like that it's very cool to see. So anyone any ideas on what strain it might be ?
    Enjoy the pictures :D click to enlarge



  2. normally when hairs start turnin colors, it means ur close to harvest time, so just keep that in mind.

    i think romulan from SoCal has pink hairs. other than that i've never heard of pink hairs. if thats romulan, that is gonna be some dank nugs.
  3. Yeah i know when they start to turn brown but these ar really pink and judging by the buds the are still at least 2 weeks away from harvest. I lmyself am very surprised, as i said i had never seen something like that myself, i've seen purple buds and bleuberry and stuff, but i haven't seen pink hairs before.
  4. i dont think the colors of those hairs determines maturity, but the trichs do.
  5. I have vividly pink hairs (similar to the colour of yours but a little pinker) on all three of my BC God Buds. They smell like intense fruit loops cereal, and are covered in trichomes. However, pink or purple hairs don't tell you anything about your plant other than that you might have had some chilly weather recently. It's most likely just a phenotype of that particular strain.
  6. Ok thanks man, post some pics of your pink haired plants ;)
  7. omg thats fucking insane.... i want some!
  8. if its getting cold at night in your area its probably the temps. changing colors on you. i have bagseed plants that have pink/purple all over them.

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