Pink Floyd's album Meddle.

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  1. How amazing is this shit stoned? I believe it's one of their best albums besides Dark Side or Wish you Were Here.

  2. It's actually my favorite Floyd album.

    Fearless is amazing, and there's more variety in the other songs than on their other albums.

    Not a fan of Dark Side, FWIW. Animals and Meddle are at the top of the list, and Wish You Were Here is close behind.
  3. Fearless is my favorite song on this album. Which is my 2nd favorite pink floyd album.
  4. My first time hearing this album happened to coincide with my first time trying shrooms. For the first fifteen minutes or so I was just enjoying the music on the surface, waiting for them to metabolize. By the end, the album pretty much carried me through the lowest points of terror and highest apex of euphoria. Highly reccomended experience.
  5. Meddle is great, but my personal favorite album is Piper At The Gates of Dawn.

  6. I do dig Syd Barrett's guitar experimentation.

    Definitely inspirational for a lot of different bands.
  7. Its also my favorite pink floyd album..amazing stuff

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