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  1. Pink Floyd and A Perfect Circle....fucking awesome bands, floyd is great to listen to when your baked, and so is APC

    Just my 2 cents.
  2. I agree both are really good. I listened to too much Pink Floyd late last year, and just can't seem to bring myself to pop a Floyd CD in lately, but I've been on a Perfect Circle kick for about 2 months now :D
    p.s. anyone hear anything about Maynard getting Perfect Circle back again? I know Tool is touring right now, and haven't heard anything myself... but this band, if you haven't checked their music out, you better! the ultimate stonie treat
  3. who are APC? never heard of them, ...big floyd fan tho - bigger prog rock fan. are apc prog?
  4. A Perfect Circle was brought together by Maynard of Tool... A more mellow, but still intriguingly intense version of Tool. Definitely worth checking out, and definitely good music to be blazed to.
    check out their website:
    don't go to "the link" they're not accepting new members, but there is some info & downloads that are worth the visit.

    if you can't find any mp3's let me know and i'll see if phishhead will rip a song or 2.. i have a live version of magdalena that rocks, already too, so PM me if anyone's interested! APC is underrated and by all means should be much more popular than it is. it's one of the very FEW current bands that I listen to and i love to share good music!
  5. Yeah Maynard is taking some time off from Tool again and hes doing another project with APC. looking forward to that!!
  6. he is?? after the tour, or??? i can't wait!! hope APC tours again, we caught 'em the first time around and while the opening act... SUCKED... APC was delicious
  7. I like Pink Floyd
    I don't like Tool
    Never herd of the other one.

  8. Im not exactly sure I havent had the time to check it out on the net or something...but the radio station here said that Maynard was taking a break from Tool to put out another album with APC.

    Im looking forward to it, but kinda :( cause my love of Tool. But its a good time I suppose, considering they did such a nice job on Laterus -- giving on for the true fans.

  9. well and Tool touring 2 years in a row off the same album, who would have thunk?!?! They even came by our area TWICE last year, once for a smaller, more intimate concert, and once @ an arena, we saw both concerts & it was awesome. We're skipping this year's due to $, and I am ready for some more APC!

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