Pink Floyd?

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Do you listen to Pink Floyd?

  1. Are you crazy? Of course I do!

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  2. Pink Floyd is horrible! (pick this and die)

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  3. Yeah

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  4. Sometimes

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  5. Never heard 'em...

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  1. who likes floyd? i think i know the answer but you never know...i personally love floyd and listen to "dogs" and "pigs" constantly...."have a cigar" is really good too.....

    but you cant forget comfortably im gonna list all of their songs if i dont stop now.....
  2. im listening to have a cigar right now.... wierd...
  3. It's good stuff, though I've only gotten into them recently. I've been playing DSOTM a shitload since I got it, awesome album.
  4. i loove pink floyd. i too just got into them recently but their on my winamp playlist almost constantly. no in particular songs ..all their songs kick ass.
  5. Im into them but i sometimes find it hard to put them on

    Pink Floyd sorta like a last resort for me....
  6. Lol Pink Floyd is the shit. Very relaxing. I just got hella lost, kinda. I was driving, past my exit by accident, went to get off so i could get back on going the other way. Turns out i picked the very wrong exit to get off at cuz that shit brought me onto another high way so i had to drive way out in the middle of no where to get back onto THAT highway going the other way, so i could get back onto the highway i wanted to be on going the other way, so i could get home. So, whilst i was losti put on Pink Floyd and just drove. I dont think i know how to stress too much. Its very nice to be so melancholy all the time.
  7. Pink Floyd is fucking stupendous! My favorite album is Wish You Were Here....because...Shine on..kicks ass. Although lately I've been listening to Relics alot, its much different then their more popular stuff (probably because Syd Barrett was still their guitarist at that time)

  8. same here... its just long one long ass song... i can listen to the whole CD and not know when one song ends and when the next begins..
  9. i could say how great pink floyd are but i won't

    i'll just ask.. has anyone heard that terrible cover of Comfertably Numb by the scissor sisters?

    argh! they played it on TV here, and said "this is one of the best and most original bands around today"

    they didn't even mention that it is a pink floyd song.


  10. yeah that song does my tits in!!.......even worse is the mix on the radio now of Jefferson Airplanes "somebody to love"........they have killed a perfectly good song........arrghhhh................ Peace out.........Sid
  11. i love floyd
    Time is a great song, but i like pretty much everything ive ever heard.
    great music to sit and just zone out to
  12. they are great for chillin out to, darkside, wish u were here, animals and wall are the best theyve made, the meddle and some early stuff with sid in it, but there late stuff i really dont like, theres only two songs from divisoin bell thats somewhat good
  13. i love pink floyd.........easy as that
  14. Ive never liked any band as much as i like pink floyd! The first time i listened to them, back in November, i listened to the full dark side of the moon cd on five hits of acid, and it changed my life. Ive heard basically every song by them since the, and ONLY listen to them now. They dont really have any bad songs, its amazing that a band has like 150 songs and 99.5% of them are the shit. My favorite song is Time, damn that guitar solo in the middle blows my mind every time.
  15. Pink Floyd is absolutely amazing, Welcome to the Machine trips me out amazingly =D
  16. pretty sure its roger waters..
  17. i think pink floyd is a very good band but is kind of the stereotypical band that "stoners" listen to. many think oh you smoke pot you have to like pink floyd
  18. What about Hawkwind then??
    I think they're better than floyd.

  19. Silver machine is probably their best known (not the best ever) track.
  20. I quite like a bit of Hawkwind. A personal favourite of mine is 'You Shouldn't Do That.'

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