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Discussion in 'General' started by CatBunny, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Hey i just recently borrowed the movie The Wall from a friend. Have any of you seen it? Like is it a must see when high? Otherwhise i might as well not waste my weed on it (i smoke once a week ish and dont have too much money so i cant afford it very often) I recently just got some Tangerine Kush, maybe i should watch the movie after smoking that haha
  2. Tangerine Kush? Haha that sounds like a BS strain to me...

    But you should smoke and watch it, it's a great movie.
  3. Haha my friend calls it tangerine headies so i assumed it was tangerine kush but whatever like 2 hits and im soaring

  4. It is 150,000% worth it. The two times i've seen it on acid have been awesome

  5. ...And that's all that matters. :smoking:

    I don't care if what I'm smoking is called Dog Shit Kush, as long as it gets me high.

  6. that is the best way to experience it, SO FUCKING INTENSE!
  7. Im afraid to try acid lol, just weed
  8. That movie is so deep. It's crazy all the shit it seems to symbolize when your trippin, it's definitely a weed movie, you might not get the full value if you watch it sober.
  9. There's so much deep shit and symbolism and psychological mind-fucks in that movie.
    It's intense as hell.

    I reccommend it to the utmost, high or sober.

    My old friend watched it on acid, and the walking hammers looked like normal human legs to him...
  10. watched it first on DXM
    then the next day sober

    than numerous more times on various other substances, and/or sober(wait, does that make sense, lol?)

    anyway, yea, its really good

    understand what its about
    its not just a "trippy movie"
    its trippy BECAUSE its symbolic, and its meant to mean something
    as with most good art

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