Pink Floyd: The Wall

Discussion in 'Movies' started by StonedSnake, May 12, 2009.

  1. Like, my favorite movie of all time, I've watched it over 100's of times and still pick up on small subliminal parts, Its absolutely intense!

    The whole scene of The Marching Hammers, The kids in school, The trashing of the hotel room, The drug overdose, Pink as a dictator, every scene is just so deep with the ethics and ideas which it presents. Seriously one of the greatest cult movies of all time, especially considering its written by Roger Waters.

    Any other fans of the movie out there? I guarantee its one of the trippiest movies you ever watch with the whole mix of animation and live action. Even if your not a fan of the music its worth the watch, it seriously changed the way I perceived my life.

    Any thoughts or comments on the movie? or just wana share some interesting parts to have a chat about? I'm still learning stuff about the movie, thats how deep it pretty much is.
  2. Awesome flick man, +rep.

    I just smoked a bowl and now I have something to do for the next two hours. :smoking:

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