Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

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  1. Atom Heart Mother has got to be the greatest trip song everrrrrr. I just hit a sesh and this song came on, best 23 minutes of my entire life. The First 10 minutes are like an intro and the song from the good sides point of view, very climatic and fantasy type of feeling (lord of the ring kinda heroics and shit). Then there is like 3 or 4 minutes of just absolutly amazing sounding stuff like the good guys won or sumthing, then there is a 5 minute period of dark and scary sounds like its setting the mood for somthing bad to happen, it kinda introduces an evil charater to the song. any ways after that you hear some things that resemble the good side noticing the bad side there, then an epic battle takes place leaving the hero of the good side to be wounded or sumthing like that and then eventually it almost looks like the bad side might win when suddenly the amazing sounds from mid way through the song come back and you know the good guys have won.

    any ways soory for the spelling mistakes and shit
  2. you just inspired me to listen to that song made it seem so good Ive listened to it before but you made it magical


  3. Haha glad I could help :smoke:
  4. Toking my friends bowl now just to listen to that song, maybe get the same mind visuals you did bro!! :smoking:
  5. Adams Psychadellic Breakfast is my favorite on that album. And the guitar solo at the end of Fat Old Sun is David Gilmour at his best.
  6. Awesome, I will have to listen to it later.
  7. Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb are my favourite Floyd tracks.
  8. I was tripping on acid with a couple of my friends, one of which was sober. I handed him my Zune and asked him to put something good on. He said, "Ok," and started to disconnect my Zune and plug in his iPod. The song he made me listen to first was Atom Heart Mother, and it was intense. I loved it, pretty good song. It actually made me want to go and download some more orchestral kind of stuff, so I've been looking around at torrents and shit.

    Good stuff.
  9. atom heart mother is the shit. i thought about lord of the rings, too, when i heard it for the first time. definitely my favorite of the album, but echoes trumps it, and all others, easily.

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