pink floyd and the wizard of oz

Discussion in 'General' started by tabou21, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. hey all.....i was just thinkin,a while back i heard somewhere if you play pink floyds "darkside of the moon" and watch the wizard of oz at the same time that the music goes with the this true?or is somebody smokin to much? seriously has anybody heard of this?or even tried it?

    let me know......
  2. Man you must be stoned to care about this shit :)

  3. you know whats really not i was just wantin to shoot the breeze with some folks here.

    but its true though i did hear that about p f and t w o oz...
  4. you have to start the CD at the MGM(?) lion's 3rd roar in the opening credits, supposedly.

    and yes, i was "bored" enough to find it out, and i don't know if it was the weed we smoked (this was our bong olympics a few years back) or the my imagination or what, but it's pretty trippy. it almost seems like the music coincides with so much it couldn't have been a coincidence.
    it's fun to do, but like i said i was in an altered state @ the time, so get righteously stoned if you plan on doing it.
  5. While in the military, I would go to friends dorm rooms to toke up on breaks. Most would always crank the stereo up and turn on cartoons with the sound off. It seemed like before long they would "merge", and the Tunes would become the sound track for the tunes!!! Was really trippy!! :hippie:
  6. Hmmmm... that sounds pretty crazy but I donno if I'd ever be bored enough to watch the Wizard of Oz. That movie blows.
  7. I heard there is a theatre in Detroit that plays this every once in a blue moon. One of these days, we'll go across the border to check it out, i think it would be a kickass experience to see it like that on the silver screen!
  8. Ive done this a bunch of times. It links up pretty good, allthough the more you smoke the better it turns out. =)

  9. I've heard about it so many times but I don't have that album and who's gonna buy Wizard of Oz when it's on every Easter, 4th of July, etc...

    A friend of mine figured out another one. Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" goes along perfect with the shooting scene at the end of Higher Learning. It was hilarious in a twisted sorta way.

    I forget where in the movie the music starts though.:smoke:
  10. cool i didnt think id get that much feed im not totally out of my mind hA HA !!!!anyway i think im going to try it soon i think but i didnt think the cd would be long enough for the movie...but thanx u all for letting me know.ill let u all know what i come up with...: )
  11. Is it the 2nd or 3rd roar? I've heard both ways and want to be sure which one it is. I've also heard that you need the CD player on continuous loop so it starts over again and it will track on thru to the end.
  12. cool thanx i think im gonna try this this weekend.going to get faded first(of course) this should be a trip.i didnt realize this was going to get this much attention, but its greatly appretiated. i cant wait.1 more day till friday.....wooo hoooo!!

  13. LMAF thats true the movie does blow but that would be cool to try
  14. I am not sure which one is right BPP but it worked on the 3rd roar. I didn't know you could loop the CD to go a 2nd time!

    Wizard of Oz may be "boring" but trust me, with enough weed (and Ive seen it while on shrooms once too, that was rather entertaining) it is a fabulous movie.
    Take care & thank god it's freakin FRIDAY !!!

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