Pink Fastforwards Pt 2

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mushroomsatsuji, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I have the house to myself this week and I think this would be my last chance for a while to take it. My first question is would taking x twice in the same week be bad? Would it be worse if I took both in one night?

    The mistake I made last time was that I didnt prepare before taking it. I got my pill, popped it, and went home. I also ate very little that day, and what little I did eat was not doing much for my acid reflux.

    Any tips from experienced rollers to make this trip better? These pills are meth based. Will that affect it much?
  2. Since it seems as though it's your last time rolling you should be fine, I'd get some 5-HTP, though.
    Also, what I read on indicates those are not good rolls, I'd attempt to obtain better quality thizzles if I were you. But, if you're into meth, do your thing.
  3. I hate meth but this is all I have and all I can get for now.
  4. so u have 2 rolls? just eat them both at the same time and look for some other goodies. One time i ate rolls 2 seperate times like 6 days apart, and it was definatley less potent, same rolls too.

    Edit: did u really meant the pills are meth based? u know that and are taking em?
  5. Ihad 2. I took one sunday. I dont know for sure that they are meth based. I saw on pill reports that in june, a guy took the same kind of pill in my town. He gave a bad report on it. Im sure it is meth based. Its not like I can get pure so I guess it doesnt matter

  6. I thought I coulnldnt find acid, now I gotta bomb hookup, so I'm sure it'll be difficult to find but mollys out there somewhere
  7. so you have one left? Dunno one doesnt do shit to me but make me mad.

    But...some people can roll balls on one. lol @ taking it twice in one week.

    I did a 3 week binge before and rolled each time. Had to take more but yeah,.
  8. The Pink Fastforwards sounds like it would be a great band name...

    If it isn't already... it should beHahaha
  9. Ok I took about 3 shots of jager and Im about to take it

    Go or no? Yes its meth based but can it give me a good trip?

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