Pink buds, unknown bagseed, CFLs, pics

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  1. Anybody know strains that put off pink pistils like this. This plant was grown from seed under CFLs and is in its 3rd week of flower. From some decent bagseed. It is already pretty frosted with trichomes for its age. What you guys think?

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  2. WOW that looks NICE! I don't know of strains that give off pink, but if you happen to still have some seeds I wouldn't mind if in your infinite generosity you decided to ship them over. hahah (no, seriously, if you have seeds that you can spare, from this strain I'd more than gladly take them). Keep us updated on the plants by updating periodically!

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  3. No sorry I'm not against giving seeds out but I don't have any more from that strain. I labeled it as AZ, because the guy I got it from said it was from Arizona, probably BS anyways you know how that goes. I only had two seeds from it, they both were female, the other one was my triploid which I have posted in another thread, but the pics are of the triploid when it was younger. I guess it's time to update some more pics because the triploid has pink pistils too. Thanks for the compliments.
  4. Do whatever you can do to get a clone of that and then breed it with something awesome.
  5. Yea thats a good idea, I like to re-veg good plants after harvest because they turn into monsters with a ton of nodes. If this stuff smokes good I will take clones from the re-vegged mother and consider crossing it with something. I have some strains I have from ordering from seed banks but I'm not too keen on keeping males. I know pink pistils aren't rare or anything but this is a pretty plant, and I love how frosted it is so early, I think it looks promising to be some good potent bud.
  6. it could be something like strawberry cough :smoke:

  7. I HATE YOU!!! well not seriously. but im jealious!!!! im on 5th week and i dont even have any tric's i only have this nice cute bubble bud as my cola. lol very weird plant i tell ya. mine got 1 foot and stopped.....i vegged for 2 and a half months!! in juicey fruit.

  8. Dude, no prob on the seedage! Fate is a strange b*tch, just today I was calling a friend of mine who's sort of a "master grower" (he even breeds his own strains too, really impressive stuff what he does) and he was telling me to come over during the weekend to check out his new seeds, I asked him what they were and he told me "Pink Kush" Now, I've never heard of this strain before, but if this guy grows something it is LEGIT. It could be that it's not a true pink strain, but why would it be called Pink Kush otherwise? When they start to flower I'll take a good look to see if they look anything like your buds.:D

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  9. That's exactly what i was going to say!
  10. Here's another pic of her today, I like to use my browsers zoom by hitting the + button on the number pad to see the trichs - its a nice effect. I hope it is strawberry cough. I was gonna buy some of that stuff from elite genetics before he got busted. He was charging too much anyways.

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  11. daamn you got some good bagseed do you remember what the bud was called when you got it?
    but it looks like some strawberry to me those buds look suuuuper dank!
  12. No it wasn't an official strain, just some mids with a couple seeds in it. The other seed ended up being a triploid, it has the pink hairs too but it was a runt and still is. I should post some pics of it too, it looks a lot different.
  13. I grow SC from Dutch Passion and I've never had any buds turn pink...
  14. Pink hairs != strawberry.

    I've had several plants exhibit this trait. Oddly enough, they were all bag seed.

    It's just the plants DNA... And no one will be able to tell you what strain it is, btw.
  15. Right, I'm not ignorant enough to ask if anybody can identify the strain from some unknown bagseed, I did ask however if anybody knows strains that put off pink pistils, so I could look them up and compare the characteristics. I too think its obtuse to assume it to be strawberry cough just on account of the pink pistils, but if it had similar qualities I would sure be a happy camper ; I will use berry Sweet anyways so I don't care too much of what it tastes like. BTW these pink pistils were pink from jumpstreet, they aren't turning pink. Most of the pistils start out more white colored but some are entirely pink. The other pistils aren't "turning" pink, they start pink. I just wanted to share with some of the other "beginners" how pretty this plant was (IMO) for some mids bagseed under CFLs nonetheless.
  16. thanks for sharing thats a gnar plant. enjoy it bro

    btw can someone please tell me wtf IMO means. ah thank you:smoking:
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    IMO = In My Opinion , you will sometimes see IMHO, = In My Honest Opinion

    Oh yes and thank you very much for the kind remarks. I would hope that these pictures might encourage other beginner growers on budgets to be motivated to grow. This is one of my first indoor grows and I only could afford to use CFLs. I know there are many others out there in a similar situation, and as promising as these buds look 20 days into flowering I thought some might see that they too can grow satisfactory buds on a budget. Thanks for lookin'!
  18. Yeah man, I was just sayin for those who didn't know, lol.

    A lot of strains have the potential to put out pink pistils (Pure Power Plant) has been known to do it once in a while. It's just a freak gene that comes to the surface every now and then.

    Most of the plants I talked about with pink pistils did the same as what you described (some start off white & turn pink, some start off pink).

    All the plants I grew that did that were from bag seed... So it may be a trait that's fairly frequent in Mexican strains (where most of our mids comes from).

    And just to clarify, even if someone gave you a strain that grows pink pistils, and it had similar characteristics as your plant, you still wouldn't be able to say for sure. Especially since it's just bag seed.

    Names really aren't important, anyway, though... The important thing is that it gets you high, lol. If that's the case - who cares what strain it might be. :)

    Plants are lookin good, though. Congrats. :D
  19. Thanks man, I agree the name is arbitrary, putting a name on it doesn't make it more potent :rolleyes: I have only grown enough to know that the pink pistils were something new to me. When I couldn't find pics of a plant that looked like mine I thought I should share. Just so people know, this was meant to be a sharing post more than anything, I have no intentions on trying to find out what this strain is :) It is what it is and that is all, but I hope everyone enjoys looking.
  20. r u still here?

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