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Pineappling MaryJ???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Orez, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I had some piney smelling mid maryj, soaked it in pineapple juice with chunks for awhile and got a bud smelling like pineapple. however, not so much taste, would soaking it more be better? What about leaving it outside for the juice to evaporate around it? (scared about THC breakdown) What should I do?
  2. step back from the weed.
  3. Probably smoke it as it came, or use those tobacco flavor drops if your really that set on enhancing flavor.
  4. I was bored and high, and not using very much weed. Enough for maybe 4 bowls. Are there any ideas besides what criticism I have received so far?
  5. do not use pineapple juice.
    ^^ that is a good idea right there.
    it will only make your bud smell like it. plus with all the sugar and starch and fruit particles in the juice, you are making your smoke not only far more harsh than need be, but more detrimental to your health as well.
    there is a product called tasty puffs that will add smell and flavor to bud. honestly you should just buy better bud for a good taste. nothing out there can make mids taste as good as dank.
  6. Soaking your ganj in pineapple juice won't get you very far in terms of adding flavor. But, there are a sort of tobacco flavoring drops out there that you could try using. I'm not sure how well they work though. Maybe you could try rolling with flavored papers or something.
  7. i have only used the tobacco drops once, and they were not that good. It gives it a slight taste but goes away after a few hits.....
  8. i would think mold could grow on it if u soak it in something
  9. I thought I had read everything, and then this.
    You may have lost some THC because pineapples are mildly acidic, and citric acid can be used to extact THC for cooking, so I imagine the mild acidity of a pineapple could do the same to a certain extent. Drink the juice...can't hurt, and might get you a bit high.
  10. I think that's a stupid idea :mad: ... and all i wanna ask is, why?:confused:
  11. And you're a moderator on "Mango 12." What is it with you and tropical fruits? :)

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