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Pineapple X-Spice and Other Legal Herbs

Discussion in 'General' started by arterial black, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I am currently on probation which means no more bud for me for the next two years. I became curious about legal herbs so I took a trip to the local headshop in search of some. And what I found was Pineapple X-Spice and Fiji Spice.


    Its a dry, leafy, colorful substance that is marketed as an 'incense,' but the headshop owner made it pretty clear you can smoke it to get high. The price was pretty steep at $30 a jar, but I decided to go ahead and try it. I got about 6 to 7 bowls out of one jar. However after the first bowl I was fucking ripped. It takes about 5 minutes to kick in but when it does it hits you hard. It gives you a nice warm heavy feeling, like you smoked some dank ass indica. At first you feel it all in your head, but it slowly moves its way through your body and it feels amazing. The only downside is that the effect goes away completely after an hour or two.

    Now that I know there actually is legal herb that will get you high, I am very interested in trying some other kinds. I would stick with the Pineapple X but at that price I would go broke. Have any of you had any luck with other types of legal herbs, and if so what are they?
  2. I would not smoke anything with lions ear in it.

  3. Why not?

  4. Just a quick wikipedia search.. said that lion's ear contains nicotine.. makes that shit addicting. Couldn't imagine saying that I'm addicted to lion's

  5. Well wouldn't that technically mean that when I smoke it, I would crave a cigarette less?

  6. " Not for human consumption" should be your first clue..

    No one knows the long term effects of all of these herbs/plants. mixing and smoking this stuff could be worse than pot.. I dunno man.. maybe you should try something else other than a marijuana substitute.

  7. I'm assuming it says not for human consumption because it isn't marketed as something you consume
  8. "ingriedients: lions ear.. dwarf skullcap.. indian warrior" some interesting ingriedients lol
  9. damn I was really hoping while I was reading this that I would be the first one to notice the ingredents.. haha
  10. You would be correct in your assumption. Just as Salvia is sold as "incense."

  11. This is what will happen if Marijuana is legalised and taxed. And up will rise companies, many tobacco, and start adding chemicals and what not into the weed. So in that sense, I don't want Weed to be legalised.

  12. Uhm, WHEN Weed is legalised dont buy it of of them, lol. Grow it yourself. Hell ill probably grow a whole garden and sell the excess to the big companies!
    just a brain fart. Smoked my ass off, having a horrible week. :(

  13. It's because they have no idea what kind of side effects there are. If you get sick they can just point to the warning. If they had marketed it as something you consume, it would probably have to go through a bunch of testing.

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