Pineapple Kush // Butter OG

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Best bud growth smaller space.. LED or CMH??

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  2. 315w CMH

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  3. another LED?

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    Hello and Welcome!
    Its my first time here on grasscity.. Keeping a grow journal for my closet grow to learn and share techniques for growing quality medicine. Thanks for stopping by

    Seeds are from a small farm. Pineapple and Butter OG. Parents were super healthy and robust, curious how these outdoor genetics grow under an LED light, should be interesting..

    Comments and grow journals welcome!:apache:
  2. 1st week in soil
    2nd week transferred to buffered coco
    Awaiting for other seeds to germinate, late start.
    Currently feeding Cns17 grow @ 280/300 ppm a few times per day by hand, installing an auto drip system once other seeds sprout :)

    Left is Pineapple, Right is Butter (lighter green)

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  3. hi there welcome to GC ..think a small QB would be ok in small space ,, i think a CMH may be a bit to hot in smaller spaces ,,mac,,
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    Thanks for your input, mac. Setting up a 3x3 tent space in garage soon.
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    Update: Seeds have popped! 3 Pineapple Kush and 1 Butter OG (plain coco) set them up under compact led bulbs. Very light feeding/watering once a day.

    Feeding the older babies a solution of 280ppm 4 times a day. Too much too soon?? They're at 3 weeks, 1 week soil and 2 weeks coco..

    The butter og is growing really light green leaves, possible magnesium deficiency? I've added a small amount of epsom salt to the reservoir hoping to help.. any thoughts? Thanks for your help~ IMG-20190719-WA0014.jpeg IMG_20190719_145236.jpg IMG_20190719_145247.jpg IMG_20190719_145250.jpg
  6. ya plants look ok so far mate ,,but cant really help you that much as your growing in coco ,dont know to much about growing in coco ,,,mac,
  7. Topped the butter.
    Left the pineapple be to do its thing.
    Using about 350ppm nutes.

    Oh!, And 2 seeds germinating in coco/hydroton mixed with mykos and a bit of humic acid, going in dwc buckets.

    First time using dwc to grow..
    I've always been a soil/outdoor indoor/coco kinda guy, but excited to see what Cinderella 99 x OG Chem does using hydroponics! Been researching different systems, seeing the results have gotten me pretty stoked to try it out. :)

    Having major gratitude for everyone who has shared their techniques throughout the internet. This plant, eh.. Makes ya do things.. Haha :) Amazing plant, amazing people, amazing growth. Thank you, and happy growing! IMG_20190721_155833.jpg IMG_20190721_155902.jpg IMG_20190721_155846.jpg 1563750348663.jpg

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  8. Growing on up, stem is looking good, short and compact node spacing. Diggin these plants :) IMG-20190722-WA0033.jpeg IMG-20190722-WA0035.jpeg IMG-20190722-WA0037.jpeg

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  9. Lst, and topped bigger two, let others grow some before topping.. feeding 600ppm IMG_20190728_234750.jpg

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  10. Keeping the eldest and two of the smaller i think are male outside, the sun cycle here (SoCal) should cause them to flower soon.
    No signs of nute burn so far! Feeding them between 600-900ppm.
    The training has been working well, the pineapple is a joy to work with, such a beautiful structure. Took some cutting and planning to root them soon.

    Installed a couple qb120, for now, into the closet space. So happy with them! Getting a better driver soon to power all 4 panels, for now i think this is good enough?

    Trying out the dwc, loving it s far.

    But i have a question.. Can anyone help with diagnosing these brown spots on the leaves? I dont know what it is from.. thank you!! Ppm 425 with tap water(150ppm), AN sensi grow and recharge, used some phosphoric acid and humic acid to ph down. Plants have been in solution for 3 days. Around 30rh and 82° in the space. IMG_20190810_115449.jpg 1565463617724.jpg IMG_20190810_120147.jpg IMG_20190810_120205.jpg 1565463968721.jpg
  11. The two girls in the closet are filling the space. Installed 4 qb120 3500k panels and are on day 12 of being flipped.

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  12. The seeds that popped all turned out to be female. So switched the two smaller/stretched plants into soil pots and cut the bottom of the pineapple's pot into a bigger container. It's leaves are curling, ive added cal/mag, add another container... But still getting leaf curl.
    Its definately been getting hot, in the 80s. Is this a symptom of heat stess?

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  13. These are all from the same plant.. heat stress?? What is going on with these buds?

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  14. Pullshing one girl who had heat stress around to shade during the hot summer days. Been getting up to the high 90s during the day! 1566952575433.jpg 1566952669833.jpg 1566952688054.jpg 1566952698250.jpg 1566952712995.jpg

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    Really stoked on these quantum boards! First time Ive used silica, and wow! Super strong plants!!

    Have been feeding a mix of silica, FN Bloom and cal mag, adjusting the ph to 5.8-6.0. Will occasionally follow with a mix of Recharge, seaweed, Nauta(bi-weekly) with a splash of organic fish and kelp fertilizer.

    Stopped using foliar sprays at this point.
    Some bananas are composting for a mid flower boost :) Does anyone have an organic bloom boost that has helped them?

    Will update the girls outdoor soon, they're lookin mighty fine! 1567118977438.jpg 1567119000219.jpg 1567119015560.jpg 1567119135336.jpg

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    Yess! Coming along! Startin to stink!! :)

    Day 25
    Left: pineapple kush. Right: Butter OG
    2019-09-04 14.52.02.jpg

    Pineapple Kush
    2019-09-04 14.52.29.jpg

    Butter OG
    2019-09-04 14.53.05.jpg
  17. Outdoor girls are moving along..

    Pineapple Kush in coco
    2019-09-05 09.55.20.jpg
    2019-09-05 09.56.24.jpg

    Pineapple Kush in soil
    2019-09-05 09.57.07.jpg
    2019-09-05 09.57.27.jpg

    Butter OG in coco
    2019-09-05 09.59.13.jpg

    2019-09-05 09.59.27.jpg
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    Its beginning to look like.. a lotta frost :)

    Day 30
    Pinrapple Kush
    2019-09-09 16.02.56.jpg

    2019-09-09 16.08.33.jpg

    Butter OG
    2019-09-09 16.10.51.jpg

    2019-09-09 16.11.32.jpg

    It has been my first time growing using dwc. It may just be a learning curve.. But im not a fan.

    Today I adjusted the ph from 6.8 to 6.0 with phosphoric acid, ph down. Yesterday the reservoir was changed with a fresh base nutrient solution and 1ml/gal calmag, total 700ppm. Wanted to see what would happen if left alone.

    Today the ppms were around 900 and ph had risen.. Perhaps some added ppms dripping down from the coco in the net pots they're in..

    Okay well anyways, I really enjoy growing in coco coir..

    I remember why I made the switch several years ago from soil to coco..I think it's really amazing stuff! Im happy with the growth of the pinrapple, even in a pot that has no drainage. I have been watering with humic acid and allowing the plant to absorb the nutrients in the coco.. But it does seem to have some signs of nute burn. We'll see how it does. Any suggestions? Much appreciated!

    Thanks for stopping by ~ happy growing

  19. Here is a shot of the pineapple before she wakes for the day :) good morning

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  20. Week 4
    Naming this pineapple girl, Krystil
    2019-09-13 09.44.36.jpg

    2019-09-13 09.46.57.jpg

    2019-09-13 09.50.02.jpg

    And her, Antifa.
    2019-09-13 09.55.44.jpg

    2019-09-13 09.56.34.jpg

    2019-09-13 09.59.15.jpg

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