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pineapple express??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pantera_killa, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. i was wondering idioticly if this was actually a strain, and i found somewhere that said its "A jetstream from Hawaii and Canada that picks up dirt and mixes it with marijuana in a special way that produces powerful weed."

    can anyone confirm this?
  2. No I don't believe it is.
  3. Im certainly no "Know it All" but that dirt-moving sounds a bit suspect to this blade.
  4. That explanation has no factual backing...

    Why would that cause the plant to grow that much better - the dirt being mixed around? Wtf.

  5. yes it's a jet stream, but no it has nothing to do with reefer
  6. source?
  7. I saw a los angeles dispensary advertising that they carried the strain, but I think they just used the name on some random strain for marketing.
  8. wholly moly, again and again and again, thread after thread after thread. :rolleyes: I can not wait until school starts back!
  9. lol it says that in the movie. Its not true
  10. That part of the movie was a satire on the rediculous shit that stoners/dealers claim about their weed when being show-offy
  11. thats a direct quote from the movie

  12. that jetstream shit is a line from the movie....
    EDIT: verde beat me to it!!!!111!!!111111!!!!!!!!!!One!!!!111one!!!
  13. the pineapple express is some sort of weather machine or something like that in the 80s . i was watching the reel comedy and seth rogan said it was a cool name so it really just sounds cool. im pretty sure there is no legit pineapple express

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