Pineapple Express

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  1. Damn that movie was bad ass. everyone go see it tonight.
  2. I was planning on it, actually...

    All right, I'll go now.
  3. SEEN IT!!!!! Un-high, un-fortunately, but it was still effing hilarious. I can only imagine how incomprehensibly hilarious it would be stoned. I shall see soon enough. :)
  4. yea i smoked a fat joint and hotboxed my car and the movie was really funny.
  5. Smoked a fat ass blunt and drank a bit before the movie... All I expected and more...

    Fucking hilarious, seth rogan at his best... It does not disappoint :smoke::smoke:
  6. I also saw it sober. I imagine it would be better than Superbad high, but not better than Superbad while being sober. Definitely had me laughing pretty hard at some points. It was funny when all the weed burned.. everyone in the theater went.. "ohhhh no" and there were a bunch of people gasping.. haha. Funny shit.

    The beginning scene with the guy from SNL (I think) was funny.. because that would be exactly how I act when stoned. The last recap scene was hilarious too.. how they were just chilling with all their wounds.

  7. thanks for some spoiler shit... not
  8. The thread title is "Pineapple Express".

    You should probably realize that inside the thread involves information about "Pineapple Express"... what did you expect, us to talk about flowers and cupcakes?
  9. lol, I thought the most bad-ass part of that movie was when the dealer yells FUCK THA POLICE while holding the ak-47, when the scene was in slow motion and shit. Also when he is baffled on why the car's battery is dead.
  10. I saw the first showing. Sadly I wasnt high but the movie was awesome anyway. This is a stoner flick crossed with an action flick. Best of both worlds. Weed and explosions. No tits though...
  11. hahaha yeahhh that was greaaaaat.
  12. Just seen it after smoking 3 fat joints and loved every minute of it! The fights scenes were hilarious it was everything i expected
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    yea everyone went oh noo when the weed burned i laughed at everyone after i realized it cause you know they smoke
  14. Lol. I laughed a lot during that movie. Saw it last night at midnight. The theater was pakced.
  15. Great movie,was also not stoned but will see it again BOMBED for sure.

  16. that part was so fucking bad ass. a bunch of people started clapping at that part lol. the movie was hilarious
  17. As the guy in the Jose Quervo commercial says...

  18. saw it twice... once sober... once high

    although i wasnt taht high so it didnt make a difference sadly
  19. Fuck the police!!!!!!
  20. It definitely lived up to the hype for me. They did a great job making a pot comedy that actually followed a plot. It was a dialogue heavy movie but the way the lines were delivered reminded me a lot Kevin Smith's Clerks, especially when they are going back and forth about the Independent Contractors on the Death Star. My favorite scene in PExpress is how they reflect on everything that happened at the end. Great stuff.

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