Pineapple Express

Discussion in 'Movies' started by jUmphrey, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Its coming out tomorrow! I assume everyone on this forum is going to see it:D
  2. Damn I can't get around to seeing it until Saturday. Should be very fun though, blunts before and after for sure. Seth Rogan ftw.
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  4. is i just me or is the word weed censored in paper planes in that trailer?

    at the sticks, and stones and weed and bones part it
  5. Yeah, it is.

    I am going to look up right now if there is a midnight showing around here because I'd go see it if there was.
  6. i know sum1 who went to the premier and said it was funny as f***
  7. I'm going tomorrow at the 4:30 show. That gives us a ten minute smoking session before it starts
  8. Haha as soon I saw the movies forum, I knew there would be a pineapple express post. Who don't love it? haha
  9. im seeing it tomarrow
  10. im goin tomorrow to the 10 pm showin

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