pineapple express!!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Geminni, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. it opens this wednesday, aug 9. I cant wait i'm gonna pick up a quad, and with three other friends hotbox my friends car on the way to the theater.:hello:

    what are you guys gonna do for pinneaple express? lololol omg omg i cant wait 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ummm the 6th ya mean
  3. wednesday the 6th... :p

    yea im gonna blaze a blunt or 2 before the show i can't wait to see it.
  4. oh yea thats what i meant - the 6th
  5. Sorry to burst your Bubble but the movie is pretty crappy. Go ahead and see it. it was fun I did the same thing you are going to.

    The movie just lacks any real comedy.
  6. It opens Tuesday at midnight? or midnight on Wednesday?
  7. I'm seeing it blazed. =]
  8. god damn THAT IS GOOD WEED.
  9. purp blunts shall be called for.

    this is an occasion.
  10. that movie looks soooo funny...cant wait to see it

  11. I agree, preview just didn't make me want to see it at all, seems I can predict the movie as it happens.
  12. wouldn't it be a more enjoyable experience to watch what happens instead of guessing what will happen?
  13. when i went to see harold and kumar 2 in theaters they had a preview for pineapple express that preview was so funny compared to the trailers everyone in there was laughn maybe we were just all high
  14. yeah i figured Harold and Kumar wasnt gonna be too good cuz sequels suck, but i went in there blazed and laughed my ass off, then did it again the next night... haha

    so ill give Pineapple Express a try too, it looks pretty fu**in hilarious :)
  15. I'm going to see that tomorrow night at midnight. Going to drink some beers and smoke some doobies.
  16. What am I gunna do?

    I'll tell you what im gunna do.

    Im gunna get stoned... and go watch it.
  17. [Seriously though, from the Nexus there came a...]

    Oooooooooooooh I can't wait for this flick. I'm gonna roll and create for myself a most magnificent spliff. I'll roll it like a sweet pimp pimping love ya know, like a smooth tone corrupted by its smoothness and flow. I'll roast it right before the credits roll and roll, ya know? Heh, yeah you do.

  18. Yezzir.

    Got some Pineapple Kush ready to be rolled up in Vanilla Dutchies and Grape Dutchies :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  19. my girlfriend saw a special screening yesterday and said its amazing!
  20. Seeing it tonight at 12:01.


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