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  1. Here is my second go round. My cinderella 99 turned out quite well and I'm excited to start my next project :D Pineapple Express feminized, Dinafem Seeds. Bought once again from Single Marijuana Seeds.

    Germination finished this morning, put into a rockwool cube under a couple cfls.I'll post some pics once there is something worth taking a picture of. Once transplanted this is what I'll be working with:

    600W MH/HPS light
    5 Gallon bucket with airstone
    Technaflora Nutes (I still have a bunch of the recipe for sucess starter kit left from my first time. Thinking of switching to an organic hydroponic nutrient system, any suggestions?)

    I planned on starting a Critical Jack Automatic at the same time so I could get a quick harvest in but the seed arrived damaged and I am currently waiting for the replacement in the mail.
  2. organic GH bio line sounds good
  3. I use the Earth Juice line. It's organic and had been working well for me. The price is not to bad either. He's a shot of my Pineapple Express that's about done. It turned purple under 1000 watts HPS. My temps hit 65 degrees at night.
    I also have 4 cheese and 4 sour desiel in flower.

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  4. Looks awesome. I've heard that pineapple express has a bunch of different colour phenos. Do you drop your temps that low to get a the purple or did it just happen?
  5. I allow it to get that cold. I leave a window in the adjoining room open at AT&T times. I also run my lights at night which is a cool hood 10" attached to 10" fan that's run on med low. So I would say its intentional. It's hard to get my summer indoor crops to turn color. I love my winter crops the are so potent. All my plant now come from seeds from seed banks. I pull cones of good strains and keep great genetics.
  6. I see. I'm up in Canada and we have winter time so I can't keep windows open during this part of the year. I also keep a couple reptiles in the same room and I don't think they would appreciate the temp drop :p but I have always wanted to experiment with temp. drops and colour changes... Maybe someday when I have a bigger place!

    Quick question:
    How long do you guys usually veg your plants for? My first time I think I went a little too long, over a month for sure. I know it depends on strain, how big you want it to be, experience etc. but just a ballpark estimate would be nice?

    This morning I saw the first sight of my Pineapple Express seedling :D I'll take a pic of it and my little setup when I get home tonight.
  7. I veg the plant to about three ft. They have a grow box that is just tall enough. I like big heathy plant. I also top my plants like crazy so it slows growth but make multiple top colas. So I would say about two months of veg.
  8. When you veg that long with this strain, how tall does a fully grown plant get? I have 6 PE in 4gals in a 4x4x8 room and am a month into veg. They are about 14" now. I am all ready concerned about cubic space, because I do not know what to expect and it is my first grow. I want my plants as big as possible but have heard warnings about overgrowing. I probably should keep the overall plant under 5' tall, where girth allows.
  9. Here are a couple pics of my start setup, what I had the seed in while germinating and that bigger container I just moved it to this morning. I know its cheap looking but it gets the job done (and I'm on a tight budget); I have a 5 gal bucket and 600W light for when it gets to a proper size.

    wow your plants must be like 7 feet tall once they are in full flower?!? I'm confined to one plant in a small area so I don't think I would be able to handle that much...until I move to a bigger place.

    Also topping is something I have heard a lot about, done a bit of reading from Hightimes Magazine and books but I'm still not 100% sure what it is. I know there is the FIM technique? Haha anyways I'm definetly interested in trying it out this time around; how do I do it? Can I fuck it up and kill the plant?

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  10. Ok so I need some help... My seedling hasn't grown at all. Its been like 10 days since I put it in rockwool, it shot up real quick at first but just stopped. The two "leaves" are square, really square!?! I'm not talking about the two cotyledon but the first set of leaves.

    I'll get some pics up as soon as i can but for now has anyone heard or experienced this before? It is a feminized seed so its genetics are all fucked up, did i just get a dud? Will it still become a viable plant?
  11. Give it time. Sometimes it slows for a period before if takes off. Be patient my friend.
  12. Here are some pics. It took like 2 or 3 days for it to grow to this big, then it just stopped. Today is day 11 from germ. It looks weird to me, square leaves.

    I only have room for one plant at a time so all this time spent waiting to see if this plant will pull through could be better used into germinating another seed.

    Anyone seen this before?

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  13. Did you check all temps on everything and smell? A good way to find out what's up is to look, smell and feel. If you see anything nasty, smell anything funky thaTs not suposed to be and feel for heat. One thing I can think of off the top of my head by looking is, your container should be light proof. It can lead to disease
  14. temps are about 25C...~77F.

    The container i have it in was clear plastic on the bottom but I spray painted it so that light couldn't get through as easily. My first instinct was to give it a smell; my last plant got root rot one week before harvest and it almost fucked everything up. But this one smells fine.

    The only thing that isn't normal is the way it looks and grows...more like doesn't grow. I'm gone for the weekend, if there is no progress when I get back I will probably germinate another seed and cut my losses.
  15. Looks better now than it did when I left friday; has a second set of real leaves coming out now and they look normal shape/sized. Looks like it will make it after all.
  16. Sorry its been a while; dealing with a crack in my foundation so I'm kind of busy.
    Quick update:

    1 month

    Looking much better, nice bright green colour, roots are healthy long and white. Going to transplant soon and put it under a 600 W MH light.

    I still have a bunch of technaflora nutes, probably enough to finish the PE. I'll probably switch to the General Organics next time, I have really wanted to go organic and they seem to have good reviews and reasonable prices.

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  17. Just got back from being out of town this weekend. Looks good, stem is getting stronger, will transplant soon.

    Day 38 I believe from germination...

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  18. Is PE easy to clone? I have never tired it before, think I will this time around.
  19. I had no trouble. I used root riots and cloned, rooted out in a humidity dome with 2x23w cfl in 7 days, went straight to 4gal FFOF soil. They were about 3-4" high when cut and taken off a 30-45 day vegatative plant.
  20. Root riots and clonex.....

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