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  1. My Pineapple Express is cured & tasty. It has a light fruity taste, unlike the strong fuel taste of the afgu. The buzz comes on slowly then runs you over. The nuggs are solid & hard, throw a chunk in the pipe & it lasts almost as long as hash. I'm extremely proud of this bud. These are some of the nuggs off the main cola, but it's all awesome.

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  2. Well done, Chubbylove. Those colors give the nugs sorta of a pineapple look and taste - very nice. I totally dig it when buds are so solid and burn so sweet and slow. What strain is afgu and did you grow the px indoors or out? Thanks for the review.
  3. beatiful pineapple express very nice job
  4. Nice looking buds
  5. Very nice, congrats :)
  6. Nice, PE is a very under-rated strain, I've had huge yeilds of it :smoking:
  7. nice where did u get the strain. id fuck this piss out of her lol
  8. G13 LABS offers her onattitude. Got some seedlings growing right now of this very strain cant wait heard alotof good things those nugs look tasty. Good job man.
  9. I got starts from a friend. Yeah, great strain that I'll grow again next crop. I like it the best of the last batch, even better than the afgoo, which is also bomb.
  10. what medicinal benefits did you get. im looking for a strain that is good for derpression and anxiety that tastes great and im considering this.
  11. I suffer from really bad anxiety & no longer take any pharma drugs. To be honest, I don't think any weed helps, if anything it makes it worse. That's just me, I know people who do get relief from it. Getting back to the PE, it is super dense & gets better as it cures. It is more of an indica high, pretty noticable. Probable not a daytime smoke for medical folks. I'm almost out, need to grow more.

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  12. Just curious, Chubbylove, why do you continue to use weed?
  13. Good question. I also suffer from terminal boredom. I have the perfect life in appearence with all the trimmings of the american dream. I had been living the "clean life" for nearly 15 years & was bored to tears with the daily routine, especially yard & home maintainance. Prior to getting clean, I was a raging acoholic tweeker that took life to the very edge. I'm sure smoking meth gave me the anxiety disorder.

    Anyways, a buddy let me in on his secret medical grow, plus my daughter had been with a pot dealer for years. It was pretty easy for me to start, that was about four years ago. Plus I was able to spend a lot of time with my stoner daughter, she has since passed. Death by misadventure, same should have happened to me.

    So to answer your question, I think it goes back to my German ancestry. Being altered seems the norm to me & weed satisfies that itch without destroying my life.
  14. damn bro im sorry for your loss
  15. Thank you Chubbylove for expressing your thoughts and feelings so clearly. I truly wish I could reach out and offer some relief. Somewhere in that German ancestory I hope you find happiness and the fortitude when facing life's realities.
  16. @chubby try to smoke a little bit that way its not enough for your mind to be completly alterd to were your anxiety takes complete. Controlle but still enough so you can go back and forth through the door of bliss ....i now us as smokers tend to think just because you cant OD of cannabis that it cant be abused but it can so for people like us ....and i said us have to smoke a certain way so it could help us medicinaly and at the same time enjoy it....and by the way indica is truly the way to go just smoke it in low quintities my friend you wont be dissapointed ;)
  17. Thanks, worst day of my life even though it wasn't completely unexpected. She nearly died one year earlier, so I was really able to enjoy our last times together.

    Please don't think I don't have a very large measure of happiness, the hell I went through last year gave me a deeper appreciation for the people that matter to me. I spent 10 years in a 12 step program & actually did the work to get relief & discover why I kept doing what I was doing. I addressed these things, made ammends, & moved forward living the good life. Things got really boring after a while, weed has fixed that. I have my little secret garden in the basement & for now I'm content. I realize that could change tomorrow & I may have to quit again for another ten years, I have a 9 year old son.

    I have tried all manner of anti depressants & gone to a couple therapists. You are correct about small dosages. When you have more than you can consume all the time moderation can be problematic. That is where my tolerance comes in. After a while you have to pick when you want to get stoned & when to get buzzed. You can't be stoned all the time, this is another reason why I stay away from dabs. I found the best thing is running 5 miles.

    Thanks again for everyones concern & thoughts.

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