Pineapple Express, Special Kush #1, Auto Trans Siberian, Auto Cream Caramel, and Auto Berry Ryder

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  1. Ok, so I'm getting into my 3rd grow and it should be busy. A couple weeks ago I started a Pineapple Express, Special Kush #1, an Auto Trans Siberian, and a Auto Cream Caramel. I started them outside, but the spot I had didn't seem to get enough light, so they were stretching a bit. I've moved them inside and also started 5 Auto Berry Ryder as of 2 days ago. The plan is to veg my Photo PE and SK#1 for around another month until I get 5 or so nice clones from each, then those clones will go into my DWC. Both the PE and SK#1 were just topped a couple days ago as well. I'm hoping that in a month I'll take clones, let them veg 5 or 6 weeks and then flower those once my Auto's are finished. List is:
    1 Pineapple Express (soil) Then I'll take clones and put into DWC
    1 Special Kush #1 (soil) Then I'll take clones and put into DWC
    1 Cream Caramel Auto (soil)
    1 Trans Siberian Auto (soil)
    5 Berry Ryder Auto's  (soil)
    6.5'X6.5' Tent is on order, and that's the last thing I'll be needing to buy. Using a 1000W light with an upgraded XXXL hood, fans, carbon filter, timers, temperature timers everything else is set. I didn't get a picture today while the light was on, but I will snap a few tomorrow. All plants right now are in soil (3 gallons) and the 5 Berry Ryder Auto's will be going into soil as well. Later when I take clones I will be putting those into my DWC setup. The 3 gallon pots should be enough for the auto's and the Photo's will have to be moved later, but I'll do that in a bit. 
    9 of 9 for germination. Didn't mess with a cup and water, nor a paper towel. Just got some peat pellets and they work awesome. I won't mess with all that other stuff again when those peat pellets work so well. Should be some nice bud though. Can't wait to test out the Pineapple Express while I watch Pineapple Express. Anyway, just putting this out there, and will have pictures tomorrow. 
    Trans Siberian Auto and Cream Caramel Autos were started a few weeks ago and are showing flowers at this point, so the fun is beginning. Pics to come... 

  2. I want to make another seed order also! I want some TGA gear and some autos also. I've been thinking of getting a 10 pack of assorted tga and like 10/20 auto seeds just to grow out as fast bud inbetween veg and flower. Still not sure, I have plenty of seed (all reg. photos) so I'm in no rush.

    Glad to see you back tho! :wave: hope all is well
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    Yes sir. Doing well. I'm completely legal and loving it. lol. I still have a lot of seeds. Almost all Fem too. No more Auto's though. I popped them all, so I'll have to get some more if these go well. I figured since I'm planning on vegging awhile, taking clones, then vegging those out I'll have time to grow the Auto's. I'll get pics in a couple days once I have the 5 auto's potted. They're still under the dome right now. I'll get a picture of the 4 plants I have currently in a minute. They stretched quite a bit because I put them outside and they didn't have that great of a spot, but they're inside now under my light. Can't wait for my tent too. Should help things out and help me figure out how many plants I want to do. Hoping I get a few good strains. Haven't had any of these, so I'm hoping for some good smoke. They look delicious though.  :bongin:
    Bottom right is Pineapple Express, Top right is Special Kush #1. Both of those have started LST and I also topped them. Both recovering nicely at this point. 
    Bottom Left is Trans Siberian, and top left is the Cream Caramel (auto's). They got flowers starting. Not sure of the date I popped those 4, but it's been at least a few weeks, so hoping I'll have some bud by early september and then should have the other auto's finishing up and then the photo's. Loving the DWC though, and can't wait for this grow with it. I made some mistakes last time that definitely effected my yield, so I'm looking forward to perfecting this. 

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  4. This grow still rocking?
  5. It is. I haven't been updating though. No one's' really been coming by, so I haven't messed with it much. They're looking good though. I can probably throw a picture or two up tomorrow. 
  6. Throw pictures up today! I'm here n that's all that matters lol
  7. Well, since I've been slacking severely with pictures, I snapped a few of where I'm at. I did a couple Auto's earlier. Not really a big fan of them, but I got a little bud. First picture is the DWC clones of Special Kush #1. There's 3 in there, finally rooted. 2 open spots may remain open. I have about 5 more clones I'm trying to root, but 2 are dying, 1 is boarderline, and the other 2 still look healthy, but don't seem to want to root. Finally got all the Pineapple Express plants rooted. That DWC is the second pic. 
    Anyway, 1st pic = DWC Special Kush #1 clones as well as 2 - Bay 11 (regular) seeds. Likely will have to chop 1. 
    2nd pic = DWC Pineapple Express clones, then in the dirt is a Cream Caramel Auto (I think, can't remember off the top of my head) that looks to have around a month or so left, so it looks like I'll be vegging a bit longer, but much of that depends on when those clones are ready. I don't want those to get too out of hand. 
    3rd pic is just 1 skunk (fem) growing, a couple empty containers of dirt that I haven't moved yet, and a Trans Siberian Auto stem that I just chopped the other day. Didn't get a lot out of it, but it smells like really nice bud. It's curing now. That's the 4th pic. 

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  8. Badass setup man lookin damn good. Wish I had space like that!
  9. Looking really good man 
    Hows the Pineapple Express but wanting to get these..
    Is it a strong plant towards deficiency?
    Hard to tend?
  10. Everything seems fine with it so far. The difficult part starts towards flowering. Not much of a smell, but that's not abnormal considering it's in veg. Seems easy to grow so far. It doesn't seem to have liked being cloned a bunch though. She's slowed down a lot. The clones are rooted though, and can't wait for those to take off. 
  11. Good looking set up.  I'll be checking in to see how this goes.  How much do you think you got off the Trans Siberian?
  12. :wav: nice to see you back MDSW. Plants are looking good. Do you still have the mother plants of the PE and Skunk?
  13. Yes, the Pineapple and Special Kush are the mother plants. They are in there. Still trying to decide if I will move them somewhere else and keep them once I switch to 12/12 or if I'll just flower and then start over. really don't want to have to start over, but also don't know where I'd keep 2 big plants for the couple months that I'm flowering. Ah weed problems. 
    For the Trans siberian, unfortunately not enough. lol. It never is, but I was hoping for something more. I probably won't mess with Auto's again. They were a pain in the ass to be honest. I started 8 auto seeds and only ended up with 3 plants, 5 never sprouted despite doing everything exactly the same as my fem seeds. Of the 3, I had 1 that stunted somehow quite young, and got almost nothing off of it. Literally a bowl or two. This one I'll weigh up in a minute to check, and the 3rd auto seems to be looking good and looks like I will get quite a bit more from it, but I'd just assume grow out the fem photo's. I wasn't impressed to say the least with the Auto's. For me they didn't sprout right, didn't grow right, and didn't produce nearly as much as I hoped for. I was hoping for at least a half or so from each, but I'm pretty sure I"m no where near that with the Trans Siberian, however the one that's still going has a shot. It's quite a bit bigger. Yeah, just weighed it, and it's about an eighth. Little more. Disappointing. Not sure what I could have done differently with those. They don't seem all that stable to me though. Trans siberian is nice looking bud, but not enough. lol. Can't wait to try out some Pineapple Express though. I've heard awesome stuff about it. 
  14. Looks good man! Keep updating, I'll be lurking ;)
  15. Sorry to hear that.  Here's hoping you get more off your other. :smoke:   Do you think it was anything to do with your set up or were they just finickety ?
    I'll be sticking around to see how the Pineapple Express goes.  What are you expecting from the Special Kush?
  16. Not sure about the auto's. They seemed touchy from starting the seeds, and didn't grow that well. Not sure how it would have been anything with the setup. 1000W light, in soil. Not much to go wrong really. They weren't over nuted, just didn't get very big, one stunted from the beginning, and this current one seems to be looking good. No reason not to get more bud when I have a 1000W with a upgraded hood that makes the photo's grow fine. So the auto's seem more touchy than I want to mess with. I'll just do photo's. I'm not trying to waste my time growing plants and not get much bud. Nothing wrong with the setup though. My setup is better than most, so IDK what it could have been. A few random problems. Like one of my plants despite getting exactly the same nutes as all the others, burned. No idea why, nothing different at all. The second I saw something was wrong, I gave it a long flush, and have given only water the past couple feedings. All the original growth is crispy and dead, but it's finally coming around and the new growth looks normal. So I may have saved it. I could have done something wrong, but that seems like something with the plant. Considering it got the same water exact food as another plant that's the same. 2 - Bay 11 seeds, one got fried, the other is fine. lol. 
    Special Kush, IDK. I bought them because the seeds were cheap and the stats of how much to expect seemed good, and I like Kush. lol. I'm hoping they turn out nice. The mother plant looks pretty good. In fact better than the Pineapple at this moment. However, it's not how they start, but how they finish that matters. Can't wait for the bud though. I'll keep things updated though as there seems to be a bit of traffic now. I've heard awesome things about the Pineapple Express though, and can't wait to try it out. 
  17. Weird.  Thanks for such a detailed response, I really appreciate it.
    Good luck with the rest of your grow man and I hope Pineapple Express turns out the way you want it to.  I'll be sticking around to see how it all turns out.
  18. So snapped a few pictures today. First picture is the overview of the grow. I stuck my tomatoes in there as well. It was getting too cold for them outside, so they'll be finishing up. The auto's doing well. Wish they had all done like this. This has a ways to go though, which is fine though because my clones need the veg time. Plants are looking good, and really growing well. Started having a little yellowing on the new growth, but had given only water for a couple waterings. Just fed them with calmag and nutes so they're starting to look good. Most of them are reaching towards the sky though, love to see that. Again though, first pic is the whole grow, 2nd the DWC Special Kush #1 and there's a couple plants in soil. Bay 11 I think. 3rd picture Pineapple express clones in DWC, and those are really starting to take off. Behind that DWC is the Berry Ryder auto (I said cream caramel last time, it's Berry Ryder), as well as the Special Kush #1 mother plant in the back. 4th picture is the remaining plants in soil. Some Skunks, and the Pineapple Express mother. They are all looking nice though and growing really well. It will be a jungle by the time I switch to flowering. lol. 

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  19. Nice work man.  :metal:
  20. Thanks. They're going well. I just trimmed leaves, LSTD, and supercropped others last night. Already recovering nicely. Should be a full room before long.

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