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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SexyStaci, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm excited, so bear with me. I have a friend that is way into smoking pot, and I'll admit she does come around with some intense buds. Anyway, she's a big fan of the movie and ordered some 'Pineapple Express' seeds from G13 labs, and paid out the ass for them. After some swaying on my part, I convinced her to sell me one seed for $15!! Which is absurd, but I figured, what the hell? I told her I would try to grow it outside in the garden, since she doesn't know about what I do. Anyway, I needed some soil because I'm out, so I went to the Hydro shoppe on Friday to get some more FFOF. And the bloody place was closed!!!! Damn it!! I sat outside for over an hour waiting for them to open and nobody showed up! They normally open at noon and it was 2pm! I was pissed considering it takes 45 min to drive there and I just called him on Tuesday to get his hours and he seemed really cool (new shoppe and I've never been there). Anyway, I bought new pots yesterday because nice colourful 5 gallon pots were on sale for $5 and I wanted to replace my ghetto looking 5 gallon buckets. So now I'm sitting here with a brand new pot, no soil, staring at a seed!! Has anyone else even tried this strain? Sounds like b.s. to me considering it was ficticious in the movie to begin with, and their website has some vague, made up description of it, but I had to see for myself. I'll be really mad if my feminized seed turns out to be a male! Hell with it, I'll collect some pollen and breed it with whatever looks closest. I'll post a few pics when it's on it's way...
  2. My friend told me that Pineapple Express was a real strain... I've always wondered if it actually was before the movie came out. They (Seth Rogen and James Franco) definitely take credit for making up the strain name in interviews and stuff. Anyone here actually know?
  3. I havent grown it but I did pick some up a few weeks ago and it was some good stuff. had a nice pineappley smell after i ground it up and had a nice fruity after taste. the high was definitely a couch lock high for me.

  4. I love your signiture...:hello: one of the best movies ever.... was so dissapointed that chris tucker wasn't in any of the sequels though.... or bernie mac... r.i.p.
  5. ahh i know man! i love mike epps too but if they were to have tucker in the 3rd one that would have been amazing!

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