Pineapple Express Observation

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by HurricaneSeason, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. After watching this movie for the 10000th time, I noticed that this movie outlines the difference in society between people who do things out of love and people who do things for money/selfish reasons. At the beginning dale doesnt trust all drugdealers but then he realizes that sauls different than ted, saul sells for his bubby and I realized it first when saul got dragged into "el dorado" and was so just taken aback by all the weed and wanted to stop and smoke it all, meanwhile the other dealers are so emotionless about it. Ted doesnt really care about weed he just wants money and power, whereas saul just loves weed.
    I dunno these are just the ramblings of another stoned soul  :hippie:

  2. my man all i got from that movie is that it is some fucking great gay romance shit.
  3. Part of me always thought you couldnt really appreciate a movie about weed unless you amoke it yourself and to a degree I kind of agree with that. But sometimes I hate pineapple express, other times I love it.
    Seth Rogan needs to stop trying to be too cool all the time though.

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