Pineapple Express has inspired me to grow my own

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  1. I guess you posted this at the same time I posted my picture of what I already bought.

    Also, why do you say the hydro shops are bad security risk? Are you talking about possible sting operations or what? I didn't have any worries while shopping there. Seemed fine to me.
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    Here is a lamp I found at Target for $19.99. What do you guys think?


    I didn't buy it yet because I'm still researching different setups but it looks like a great lamp for what I am probably going to do. I'm thinking I'm going to set the pot on a crate of some sort and dangle the lights over it. As the plant grows, I can elevate the light higher with crates or something.

    Target also had the clip-on lights for $9.99. I imagine they are cheaper at Wally World so I will go check them tomorrow.
  3. As a beginner this is fine.

    Once you get going though you'll want to start with tiny pots and re-pot each time that bit of soil gets full of roots.

    Planting in a large pot will not maximize root growth and will seriously affect yield.

    Frequently transplanting to slightly larger pots allows a very dense root ball to form and leaves very little soil without roots in it at harvest time (No waste).

    This is what you want. :D
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    You'll want to pick up something else for your seedlings. That soil is a bit hot and I've read a lot of people having issues with it (for seedlings). The Black Gold soil from most nurseries in the states is pretty neutral for seedlings. I tend to use the Jiffy peat pucks.

    As for the Hydro Stores? Anytime I went, there was always someone in the parking lot eating their lunch from a brown paper sack. Seems innocent enough until you stake out the parking lot and see that it's several guys that hang out all day, every day, watching the store and writing down license plates. Even when it's really hot outside and all 'sane' peeps are in the shade.

    I've also heard of people being followed home (across several state lines) and busted at their grow location.

    Hydro shops are sketchy and really not a place you'd like to be. Everything you need can be gotten from nurseries or online nurseries without having to go to a bona fide "Hydro" shop. Why risk it?

    Go to a shop and talk about growing "Trees" and don't mention cannabis. Buy a bunch of equipment and see how long it takes before you get a "Knock and Talk". With most shops it won't be that long at all.

    Hopefully Obama will actually follow through and create some "Change" in the cannabis field. Stop all this ridiculous nonsense.
  5. $20 is a lot for a light fixture with 3 sockets for a grow op, IMO. Get a cheap bathroom fixture or just a power strip with plug-to-socket adapters.
  6. you could go organic, mix some blood meal bone meal and kelp into the soil and you will never ever ever have to add nutrients to the water, ever. Which means healthy little guys for you with no chance of burn! Go to rollitup's FAQ they have a bunch of fertilizer to soil ratios.
  7. yah then transplant into the ferted soil if you chose to go organic
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    I found a thread where several people were saying the Fox Farms Ocean Forest is too much for the seedlings.

    I guess I will need to find some Black Gold soil to start the seedling off first. I can start it in a dixie cup as this seems to be the preferred method. Once they sprout and grow a pair of leaves, I can transplant them to the main pot I will be using for the rest of the plants life (probably 10" pot). Does this sound right?

    Seriously, I spent a good 4 hours just going thru threads on this website last night. So much information. What I'm beginning to realize is some methods work for some people and those same methods do not work for others. I'm trying to find an median. I will have 10 seeds so I want to make sure I do it right.

    I'll probably go get the 6500k bulbs this weekend as well as the fixtures. I like that 3-bulb fixture from Target because it would be more than sufficient for the one plant I intend on growing. I'll pick up a couple of clip-on fixtures as well because the general consensus here on GC is you can't really have too much light as long as you aren't burning up the plant.

    I guess I will need to start a grow journal soon. I almost have everything. List of supplies left to get that I can think of right now:

    Black Gold soil for seedling process
    Perlite (should I add some of this into the Black Gold for seedling or only add it into the Fox Farms Ocean Forest when it's time to transplant?)
    Digital Light Timer for 12/12 flowering process
    Temperature/Humidity gauge
    PH test kit

    Can't really think of anything else besides the 6500K bulbs, light fixtures, and pots. **EDIT** I just thought about buying some type of small fan and a small humidifier. I will be growing inside my closet as I said in my first post. I live in the south US where the weather is usually more humid than in the north.

    This is getting exciting! :smoke:
  9. Dont waste your money on that amigo. Take their advice and do the power strip thing it will save you a good ten bucks, plus the fact that after a while that light is going to be useless, the plant will get way bigger than that light can reach. Wich a power strip you have lots of options,plus the fact its cheaper.
  10. Noooo dont get a humidifier. Youre in the South youre probably already gonna have mold issues. If you get a humidifier you will be really regretting it. big waste of money amigo. You will definitely have too much moisture without fans so make sure the ventilation is working well.


  11. I guess I'm a little confused on the power-strip idea. I know I can buy those bulb sockets that plug directly into any electrical socket but what's the purpose? I don't want to plug a bunch of bulbs into a powerstrip and hang it over the plant. That doesn't seem very efficient. I guess I am not understanding correctly.

    I'm trying to do something like this (taken from Kamel's CFL guide)


  12. Will do sir. I'll still be able to keep an eye on the humidity with the digital gauge but I do suppose you are right. I'll make the fans the priority.

  13. Actually, this must be what you are talking about, right?

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    exactly amigo thats what Im talking about/\

    But yeah. Im sure once theyre big enough if you need some side lighting you could add some more strips on the sides. Im stickin with the big CFLs. Theyre both as long as my fore arm. One is a little thicker and one is about twice as thick as my forearm. Shits bright
    edit: well not exactly Im sure you could find sometihng cheaper like a rope to hang it with rather than an expensive construction light

  15. I'm thinking I will take a couple of wire hangers and set the power strip on them. I can elevate the pot up near the lights with boxes or whatever I can get my hands on. As the plants grow I can lower the pots. I'm going to mess around with how I might set it up this weekend and post some pictures for any advice. Thanks!
  16. You're making life more difficult for yourself.

    23-27w CFLs are the best you can get right now for screw in CFLs. After 27 watts you start getting additional heat per watt. Additionally you get a larger number of points of light when going with more lower wattage lamps and you'll get a better light density pattern (Higher yield).

    If you're looking for maximum efficiency with CFLs you're going to want to pick up 55w PL-L CFL lamps. They use an electronic, remote ballast that's very simple to wire up if you do it yourself. They also make pre-built systems you can just plug in.
    They're perfectly flat and are essentially a T5HO tube bent in half.

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  17. Thanks for the tips, HydroGanic.

    I'm personally going to use 4 6500k CFL's that I bought from Home Depot for the veg stage. They are rated at 23w. :)

    Once I switch to 12/12, I have 4 2700k CFL's that will be used. They are 27w.
  18. This is how my setup is going to be. I'm actually going to move the setup further into the corner of the closet and use a science fair project display board (white of course) to surround the setup and reflect light back onto the plants. I think it's going to work out perfect.

  19. Excellent. Make sure you cover all the bases.

    You have light covered.
    Next you'll need to make sure that you're set up for:

    Ventilation Need plenty of fresh air blowing past for strong growth. Also, movement from airflow causes stronger stems, also excellent.

    Odor Control You're going to need to make all that fresh air blowing past smell nice again before it enters your house or the out-doors. I DO have a strain that's really, REALLY low odor and a 2' bush can be controlled with odor pucks and scented plugins. On the other hand, all the other strains have give off very powerful odors, even in veg and when only a few inches tall. (I blame it on the Floranova nutes :D Happy plants are smelly plants)


    Check out the link in my sig on how to grow like a pro using the FloraNova nutes in soil. :) Super simple, super healthy plants. :)

    Water Quality
    Unless your area is known for excellent water quality for growing plants, it's most likely going to give you issues. Reverse Osmosis(RO) is the best water for hydro and soil applications. The FloraNova nutrients from General Hydroponics already contains the additives needed to work flawlessly with RO water. Most other nutrients require a bit of Cal/Mag+ added to RO water for best results and preventing magnesium deficiencies.

  20. Yeah man, with the exception of ventilation, I pretty much have everything else covered. I'm not worried about odor because I live by myself and this closet is in my spare bedroom which is empty so no one would go in there anyway.

    I'm going to buy a little fan to put in the closet. I was planning on sticking it right next to the door so it can suck in fresh air from beneath the crack.

    For my ingredients I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and Fox Farms Big Bloom & Tiger Bloom for the nutes.

    I'm feeling really confident about my first time attempt. Pretty much the only thing holding me back now is USPS because they haven't delivered my beans!!! Hopefully Monday!

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