Pineapple Express (Harvest)

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  1. G13 Labs Pineapple Express - 250 MH/HPS - 12/12 on September 25th

    I knew I couldn't keep a whole journal going but here's a few pics of my last grow. I'm satisfied with the outcome. Thick cola's. First pic is the PE on 10/12 (PE is on the left, Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream on the right.) Next pic is Thurs when I cut it down. It was so top heavy I had to lean it on the two poles to take a pic. All FFoF products. Soil, BB, TB, GB. Can't wait to smoke her.

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  2. Em looks delicious
  3. That's a nice chunky nug.:hello: Looks tasty. Just harvested tonight myself.:smoke:
  4. Nice buds, what's your average yield with the 250 watter if you don't mind me asking?
  5. If you clear out some of the bottom limbs that dont tend to produce quality or yield a lot, the plant will use that energy on more of the tops. In one of your pics I see a lot of tiny buds that wont do you much good.

    Overall looking good tho!
  6. Thank you.

    I always forget how much weed this really is. Holy shit.

    No clue. I don't own any scales. Two plants lasts me about six months. That's giving away/trading over half.

    Thanks. Yield doesn't really concern me too much though.
  7. Nice work! I really want to get my hands on some pinapple.
  8. damn, i just want to know the weight of that giant fuckin cola :eek:
  9. Thank you. It smells fantastic.

    Me too! This is the sixth different strain I have grown and it is by far the fattest, tightest, HEAVIEST cola's of them all. But, it's also the shortest. The cola is only about 12 inches. My Tangerine Dream that I just cut was over 18 inches.
  10. do us all a favor, go out to target, buy yourself a cheap scale, ???, profit

    I gotta know!!

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