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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smellzlikeskunk, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. so yeah i have a G13 PE plant at about 3 weeks old from seed. feminized of course. the plant is the most vigourous plant ive ever grown in 10+ years of growing. it has the biggest fan leaves ive ever seen. if it werent from female seed, i would think its a male. .
    anyways, does anyone on here have much experience growing this strain from seed? does it get really big, really fast? it looks like it might, and space is an issue for me so i need to be able to predict its size somewhat.
    The genetics are hard to figure out or i could go by that somewhat... it is supposed to be a TRAINWRECK hybrid. most sites say Trainwreck x Maui Wowie. some say Pineapple kush x trainwreck. one thing is for sure.... most "pineapple" strains have some sort of hawaiian in them. for example "real mccoy" has a pineapple taste advertized and its a pure hawaiian sativa. in fact the only other pineapple tasting strain i know of besides the hawaiian strains is the ERSB(ed rosenthal super bud) from Sensi. CH9 sells a limited edition of a F2 of ERSB that has its pineapple taste loudly advertized. ERSB is one of sensi's most sought after strains, and most expensive.
    anyone think maybe its Trainwreck x ERSB ?????? that would explain the taste and growth probably.

    so its most likely one of the following: Trainwreck x Maui wowie. Trainwreck x Hawaiian-afghan-hybrid. Trainwreck x Pineapple kush. Trainwreck x Ed Rosenthal Super Bud. i bet its one of those... i know its certainly not growing like a mostly sativa plant. that makes me lean against the maui wowie which ive had before and its a nearly pure sativa. trainwreck is a hybrid but more on the sativa side... so it must be a mostly indica plant they bred it with. anyone got any info??

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