Pineapple Express Flowering Lovely. 3rd grow.

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  1. Check em out, Ive got 2 Pineapple Express and 4 Purple haze on their 6th week of flowering. The Pineapple smells SO good and is bloom and an incredible rate. This is just looking straight down at the Pineapple. The hairs look amazing and i think it looks even cooler than the white widow ive had in the past. Im guessing about 5 more weeks on these bad boys. Definitely a little longer for the slower haze.

    The last little guy on the end is my Bubba Kush mamma. Im gonna clone the shit outta that bitch and create pounds of new offspring :D

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  2. Cool stuff dude. Is that a 400 or a 600 you got there? Those are some bushes for sure.
    They look quite healthy

    Have you thought about doing alot of tying down to get more light exposure??

  3. UGH, yea, i know! I let them veg a little too long which is why they are the monsters they are now. Im clipping a lot of fan leaves but that doesnt help much at all. Im probably gonna end up harvesting the top half and then bringing the light down. I actually have a few of the hazes pulled back to the wall cause they are reaching really close to the light right now. Which is a 400 watter. Definitely healthy, one problem i have is the haze are clearly more sensitive than the Pineapple. Right now i have it flooding the roots twice a day for a half hour. Even that is a little bit much for the haze which show small signs of water logged. But the Pineapple could probably take the flooding 4 times a day, but would surely kill the Haze. So i leave it on twice a day and they all seem to flourish.

    My biggest problem with tying down is i dont have the space. Either way the tops of the plants will produce me a good ounce ounce and half per plant. And if i let the bottom half finish longer that will be a good amount more. Or even if i harvest it with the bottoms a little undeveloped but the tops ready it will still be some good bud! Ive only got about an ounce of my white widow left and i need it to last me till these babies are done! Then my kush should be more than ready to clone in my new Daisy cloner and then the flowering room will just simply be exloding with buds! Like popcorn but icky sticky nugs!
  4. Wierd! Check these out. I was trimming the pineapple express that is in the back and is pretty tough to get to so i guess i havent trimmed it much. But, i cut these fan leaves off! Looks crazy, its like the single leave tried to split off and make its own leaf 3 times. Hopefully the buds have retard strength.

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  5. lololololol

    "retard strength"
  6. shoulda taken a clone

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