Pineapple express = awesomeness

Discussion in 'Movies' started by FrankDaTank89, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. So, some friends and I had a huge plan about 2 months ago to basically get super blazed and go see the midnight showing of the pineapple express. It all looked good and I was so excited, then a few days ago the whole thing fell through...

    long story short, i had to work till close 11:30ish, none of my friends (they live out of town, im at summer school, and there is almost no one here on or around campus during the summer.) were not able to make it, and I was completly drive. Anyways, I told myself no matter what, after all this hype, i was going to see the midnight showing. Ended up calling a friend that I just found out moved into an apartment down here (doen't smoke, well, i actually found out tonite that he smoked a few times in the past week :) )and he came by my work, and we went and saw it.

    Hands down, my new favorite movie of all time. And I wasn't even baked, completly sober. If you are a stoner, or anyone for this matter that enjoys comedy's/action movies, then you need to go see this. As soon as I get some more bud I am going to see it again this week.

    Just letting you know, this movie was not just another stupid hyped up stoner movie. Go see it, right now!
  2. Does it portray stoners as superheroes or bums? Or just normal human type?
  3. yeeaaa i just came back from seeing it tonight, and it was fuckin ridiculous lol
    unlike OP, i went with some friends and we smoked a blunt and a few bowls before going in...we, along with most of the other people in the theater, couldn't stop laughing

    a hilarious movie, go see it people!
  4. haha, to answer your question, all of the above man.

    yea, the theater was packed, and there were 2 types of ppl there, the stoner's, and the people that wanted to be "cool." you could tell the difference between the ppl that were and weren't baked, lol. sadly, with that fact, i probably blended into the "cool" kids crowd there. oh well, cant wait to see it blazed.
  5. Very good movie to see baked,
    I loved the crazy fight scenes at the end, and when that dude crawled out i was dying

    its fucking tight how he found out who he was in the beginning, i want some of that shit for me.

    will definitely watch it again, everyone should see this
  6. damn you'd go as far to say it was your new fav movie of all time....this better be the shit or im gonna be really disappointed
  7. for me, it just seems like the best stoner movie ever, lol, making it my favorite movie of all time. just all the stoner comedy, and the action that gets blended in. i mean seath rogen and james franco as 2 stoner friends in a action movie, that pretty much is a win win situation anyway.
  8. The scene when they smoke up the catipiller was the chillest scene or that fucking cross joint lol,

    Saul- "I can't even light this by myself"
  9. I didn't like it all. Just wasn't funny. The one guy that sold him the weed was the only funny character.
  10. lol i domed 2 blunts, smoked like 10 gravs before hand, and popped 2 percs in the movie hahaha
  11. james franco, hes a pretty big star there man. and you my friend must not be into any type of stoner movies at all.
  12. i thought it was real funny. the previews didnt do it any justice. i took a bunch of bong rips before i went to see it. it kept me laughin pretty much the whole time.
  13. It was alright. Killed the shit out of Harold and Kumar 2, but it didn't live up to my expectations because of the way it portrayed stoners. I mean, Franco's character was constantly saying the dumbest shit, but I guess I should've predicted them taking that angle. It definitely had parts that would make you laugh out loud, but some of the humor was shameless and homo and I wondered what was up with that. The whole girlfriend subplot was kind of pointless too, either something happened in the credits or they just wrote her off after that last telephone call.:confused:
  14. No where have I seen mentioned the fact that there were subliminal homosexual jokes ALL throughout the movie.

    Was I the only one bothered by this? I was weird.
  15. I actually think they did that on purpose, to show that a stoner will just make a complete life change over something huge, just because they don't wanna really be commited to do anything, they just wanna chill hahahaha :smoking:

    I'm fucking baked if you were wondering
  16. The opening scene was so incredible. Some of the jokes were a little lame but overall it was a great stoner comedy. I can't wait till the next seth rogan movie.
  17. definatly a new favorite. i couldnt stop laughin i was so lit
  18. All movies seth rogan is in has subliminal Gay comedy
    He said that on the reel comedy special for it.
    Just relax with the homophobia there not gay seth is not gay its done to add humor to situations.
    essentially its like when a straight person dose or says something that has a homosexual tendency to it with out realizing it.
    Happens alot in real life so having it amplified in a movie is pretty normal it my eyes.
  19. I saw this like 2 weeks ago at an early pre-screening. I loved it and cant wait to see it again. Theres so many small hilarious parts in it that are so easy to miss and I probably did miss a couple because I was so trashed when I went in because the whole parking lot was partying before the movie started.
  20. yeah man me and my mate went and laughed pretty much the whole time, i liked the part when red was like "look bro no hair makes me aerodynamic when i fight i can handle danger"

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