Pineapple Express and new tattoo...

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  1. saw Pineapple Express a little bit ago.. it was soooo funny!!!
    also, got a new tattoo a couple hours before that.
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  2. There's a lot of pineapple express
  3. What song are those lyrics off. I know it but i can't think of it
  4. Bob Marley- Redemption Song
  5. nice tatt...:wave:
  6. That tattoo is sick as hell babe. How long did it take them to finish it?
  7. Around 20-30 min. It was a quickie.
  8. awesome song, sweet tatt, dope movie. i caught a midnight showing, and the funny thing is i was watching it with my dealer whos my best friend :)
  9. Last night I sketched that line on my wall. what a coincidence.
  10. like the tramp stamp, I guess your boyfriend needs something to look at while he's tappen it from behind, might as well be lyrics from a bob marely song.
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  11. nice tat. great song.

    I hope whoever is reading that tat(bf or hubby) likes bob marley.
  12. cool tattoo :D
  13. lame squared
  14. i dig the quote and the nice body, too bad your lez!
    smoke on sunshine
  15. i like the font of your tat. it looks very nicely done. and damn it only took 30 minutes?! fast.
  17. Nice tat, where's a picture of that cute face :D
  18. Damn girl you got some curves.... "None but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time." :smoking:
  19. "Bottle-shape body like mrs. Butterwoooorth, word"
    -Lupe Fiasco
  20. I hate to be the one to tell you this...but it's 'Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.

    Regardless, cool tat.

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