pineapple express 2(or not?)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by lando, May 4, 2011.

  1. am i the only one who wants this movie to be made? i know they've talked about it in hypothetical terms at there so called ''sit down dinners..'' as they call them, but they should really look into sequels.. or atleast make more stoner movies. nowadays producers are so scared or intimidated to release a true 'stoner movie' that has it's classic humor but doesn't make 'scene to scene' stoner references.:eek: yeah, i appreciate and enjoy the few marijuana incentives they've given us here the past couple years, but i hope some of you wise stoner movie lovers like myself agree on this.:D

    hollywood, please impress me in the near future.:hello:
  2. I hope it gets made to, and the writer has said that they want to do it in a scarface direction ? i can't really see that being funny but i hope it gives us that happy stoner feel that the first one did.

    And i want more RED, he was the funniest character in that film, comedy wise.
  3. I was wondering why they haven't already made it. It would certainly sell.

    Maybe it'll take place 10 years in the future when Saul is making places for little kids to take shits.
  4. Can't wait for the sequel.
  5. great point, danny mcbride is a comical genious.. maybe hopeing they maybe give a part to will ferell?? i know most people don't like him or appreciate his humor, but personally i do. or steve carroll(sp?) lmfao he was a funny dumbass so i could def see him playing a funny role. and as of the scarface point of view, i aslwell heard this, but hope there joking and or trying to make us fall for some diversion just to turn around and come at it with it's classic comedy/action smack the us in the face with joint way. maybe, little more action?.. idr mind the action, though it was a great incentive, but the humor is golden.
  6. I thought the first one was seriously lacking in humor, so I couldn't possibly care less.
  7. that's sad.. i found the story line a bit exaggerated, but the great lines and the actors they picked sold it for me. i guess when it comes to good enough humor to make me laugh but not too much humor to make it get old fast over rules the exaggerations.:smoke:
  8. I want PotFest to be made

  9. Red is my fav. as well. Man, I had y'all over for dinner! Fish tacos! This is how you do me? One of my favorite lines ever!!
    YouTube - Pineapple Express - Red Gets Shot - I Seent It - Fish Tacos
  10. i've read that it will never be made. i'm pissed than they even hinted at such an epic movie and they give us nothing!! not even a beerfest 2
  11. it shall be done. *salute*

    Lookout for the Director/Writer whos name is Joe __________ (just gonna have to believe its me) and smile. Its gonna be intellectual, funny, and involve plenty of "drama" (in the old sense of the word).

    You guys'll enjoy it, and it will be made. (Just saying, prob gonna take 20+ yrs till its even possible tho :p)
  12. How would you know? :confused:
  13. I think the storyline was highly exaggerated too, and at first it annoyed me.

    But then I came to the conclusion that the whole movie is a stoner "what if" scenario. I can picture all the story writers sitting in the directors basement "Dude...what if we made a movie, and these guys smoke pot, and then they have this really dank shit, and the dude who sells it wants to kill their asses, so they have to go on this whole big stoner adventure LOLOL" or some shit like that you get my point haha.
  14. dont know how thats possible

    so many classic lines

  15. Bad taste.
  16. lol.. i just want more comedy honestly.. i'm an ispired writer/actor.. and i wrote a screen play that was golden.. but god do you have to know people in the industry.. it'll be impossible for a top producer to be interested of course but hell i may just shoot it partial low budget for a film festival lol who knows.. back on track :confused::smoke:
  17. A movie that will leave you sticky afterward is what we need.
  18. its a goal that'll be realz....just u wait 'n see.

    I'll admit u have EXCELLENT taste in meme's (I once shit my pants from this dudes meme. happened.)

    but YOU my friend have the bad taste. Is it overexaggerated? completly, to the point of pure stupidity, but its done in a way that makes everyone be able to relax, and enjoy a stupid movie and giggle a bit between tokes.

    Whats so wrong with layin back with a friend or lover and doin that? Cmon now, take the stick outcha ass:rolleyes:.
  19. I just want more stoner movies
  20. Ill get raided here for this, but honestly Pineapple Express isn't great, there aren't even that many funny lines or anything. It's just so fucking stupid it makes you laugh, which should be seen as a negative if thats how their milking a chuckle out of you. What happened to real stoner movies? I say Grandma's Boy and Jay and Silent Bob shit all over Pineapple Express, its a no contest. And to say there will be a second one? Let's get real here, it will just be explosions and shitty one-liners.

    You guys are smart stoners, Right? Obviously we can overlook this and go out for better stoner movies. Potfest and Beerfest 2 need to get under fucking way.

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