Pineapple Express 1St Grow

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    this is my 1st grow, I try not to post to much since I am a sketch ball about the internet linking back to me and getting me in trouble some how, but I need some help. I think after hours of researching about plant problems I am having a phosphorus deficiency. I decided to post here to get some expert advise though.

    here is everything I have going on, also I have an extensive grow log and can tell you everything I have done from day one from how much water to the temps every 12-24 hours.

    here we go.

    soil: fox farms ocean soil
    strain:pinapple express or pineapple kush from (wont ever order from them again) suppose to be autos but
    switches to 12 12 after 3 weeks since I didn't trust them since I "was" limited but am no longer to space.
    nutes: Earth juice catylyst, bloom, grow, cal-mag, Epsom salt (not all used at once, just thoughout the grow.)
    temps were 83-87 but are now 74-78 since changing to a grow room with ac. (still in the works so I keep them in box they were originally in.)
    lights: 4 100 watt cfl 2700k lights
    no bugs
    2 gal pots
    water= Ro the entire grow
    flowering 25 days
    Testers:ph atc meter, aquapro tds meter, shoulf I also purchase Ec meter even tho I don't have a clue what it does?

    as of right now I am 25 days into flower, pretty proud I have made it this far without any crazy problems. I try to do my homework before I go asking people a million questions.

     (4/15) I just watered with 1/2 ml of caytlyst and 1 ml bloom which was 85 tds and 6.5 ph (i adjusted before watering. i bubble for minimum of 24 hours before i play with ph). i also only mix half a gallon at a time. also i would like to know about the tds reading of my run off, is this normal? 1869 ppm, 6.18 ph and 3266 ppm, 5.88 ph both have been watered exact same nutes? prior to this watering this was my nute schedule.

    (i can add prior dates if you need more)
    3/24 6.3 ph pure water
    3/29 7.25 ph 2ml grow 2 ml flower 2ml caty 2ml cal mag
    (bad fluctuation i think which i saw in leaves and nute burn i think)
    4/3 pure 6.4 ph water
    4/7 pure 6.4 ph water
    (thought i over nuted but nothing changed for the better)
    4/11 6.5 ph 140 tds 2ml ej bloom, 2ml caty, 15 grains of Epsom salt

    Thanks ahead guys[​IMG]
    what is the securest way to post pictures so I can help you help me?
    I don't want to email them to myself from my phone. or figure something easier out than downloading them all to the compute every time I want to post. any ideas?
  2. Get the app on your phone

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  3. Duh 👍 thanks haha

    The fly fishing stone
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    Any ideas guys I'm literally stumped I can't find anything that looks exactly the same as this. it's also a couple different things if you really look at leaves there are different symptoms from burn outside leaves and middles in some have brown spots... Instead of outside being burnt

    The fly fishing stone
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    The fly fishing stone

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