Pineapple Chunk 8 Weeks In Flower

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  1. 2nd grow , first time with this strain ment to be 8 week strain but I know it goes over that usually . I have no magnifier can't find any thing were I live , I've ordered one off eBay but its still not come yet so just wondered if anyone had a rough guess how long till its ready and should I stop the feed now or just start cutting it right down slowly over next 2 weeks or so ? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    Hard to tell with your pics, none of the trics look clear, thats for sure.... But cant tell from photos...   euseedfiner says  indoor flower time of 59 - 71 days, which is 8.5 weeks - 10 weeks, this strain is also indica dominant which usually takes less time, if I was you I would chop at 9 weeks and say what the hell, or 9 weeks 2-3 days.... What I would do
  3. If ur gonna chop over the next 2 weeks the just wait it out. Look closely n see what kinda trics u want and chop it all.down. I've never been one of those guys who takes the tops then comes back a week later to finish the job. Do it and be done.
  4. Hi well I was just worried if I leave it too LNG the top buds will start to deteriate while I am waiting for the bottom part to catch up . My microscope thing came today it's quite difficult to focus it but I did notice I'm sure there was a few ambers the rest cloudy so I plan on leaving it a while longer to hopefully let the bottoms grow a little bit , shall I feed it one more feed to get the bottoms growing or stick to plain water only now ?
  5. Water with or without flushing agent.
  6. My PC|s are just finishing the 9th week of flower. Thez  will need another 4 to 6 weeks. Thez are very light feeders, thez are very sensitive to cold *under 64f. Thez stretch like hell during first weeks of flip. These are very finickiy plants. I will reserve judgement until harvest abd cure, only then can I tell if I ever want to grow again. Tangerine Dream was a big loser for me. 
    I use Hesi half strength, too much, maybe one quarter strength or less_!
  7. My posting is the one on top. I am now starting my 14th week of flowering my Pineapple Chunk.I have 4 differents pheno with 5 plants. (1 died from a severe flush. Didn't know about that, another mistake I hope I won't repeat like growing this strain again. I could be moving right along on my next grow but this stuff is holding me hostage. About the 10week of flower, all these new white hairs were showing. Man, I have never seen anything like this. I have also read where folks were able to harvest in 10 weeks.???
    Wish I could produce pics but all the plants have  somewhat cloudy trichs. I have been feeding them just black molasses and distilled water for about a month. They look OK but not yet ready. I've tried the smoke, quick cured and man, 1 hit will sends you to the stars but it's not a real comfortable high, it just messes you up. If they are not ready by week 16, the start, I will then pluck and cure. 
    They are being lit with a 600wt HPS, Pima Kilma temp/contl fan, Hesi ferts, 16sq ft tent. Next grow, an old favorite, I hope it's the same, Kush, we used to grow it and it was great. Stinky bad!You are asking for it to carry this shit in your car. I don't care how you pack it or seal it,. Nice plant with reasonable flowing times.
    Anyone else with this problem?

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